Saturday June 23rd, 2018 11:35AM

AP Business - Economy

Asian stocks mostly up despite underlying US-China tension
Asian shares are mostly up due to fading concerns of a possible trade war since a US tariff threat against China so far hasn't materialized
1:44AM ( 2 days ago )
Lawmakers rip tariffs enacted in name of national security
Lawmakers from both parties are criticizing tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on imported steel and aluminum products in the name of national security
12:48AM ( 2 days ago )
Stocks finish mostly higher as tech and media companies lead
U.S. stocks finish mostly higher as technology companies rise and media companies jump as a new deal between Twenty-First Century Fox and Disney has investors hoping for more media sales
4:55PM ( 2 days ago )
Trump meets with lawmakers about ZTE deal opposed in Senate
President Donald Trump has met with lawmakers after the Senate moved to block a White House plan to allow Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp. to buy component parts from the U.S.
4:43PM ( 2 days ago )
Senate blocks Trump plan to cut $15B in unused spending
The Senate has blocked a White House plan to cut almost $15 billion in unused government money slated for children's health insurance and other programs
4:40PM ( 2 days ago )
US stocks rise as trade fears ebb and tech companies lead
U.S. stocks are rising Wednesday, led by technology and media companies, as investors mostly set aside fears of a U.S.-China trade war
2:56PM ( 2 days ago )
Tariff troubles: Volvo opens 1st US plant in changed economy
Volvo Cars executives say they would like to see officials end all vehicle tariffs between the U.S. and Europe and China
1:50PM ( 2 days ago )
US stocks rise as trade fears ebb and tech stocks lead
US stocks are recovering most of their losses from the day before, and stock indexes overseas are mostly higher as well
1:21PM ( 2 days ago )
The Latest: Reports: Europe to toughen migrant checks
European governments are reportedly planning tougher checks at train and bus stations as part of efforts to stop asylum-seekers from traveling freely across the continent's open borders
1:01PM ( 2 days ago )
Central bank chiefs of 4 major nations raise trade concerns
Central bank chiefs from Europe, US and Japan raise worries about impact of trade conflicts
12:59PM ( 2 days ago )