Friday July 1st, 2022 6:47PM

AP Business - Economy

US unveils changes to attract foreign science, tech students
The Biden administration has announced policy changes to attract international students specializing in science, technology, engineering and math
2:41PM ( 5 months ago )
Stocks wobble, head for another weekly loss; Netflix plunges
Stocks wobbled between gains and losses on Wall Street Friday as major indexes head for another weekly loss
2:38PM ( 5 months ago )
Intel building $20B Ohio chip facility amid global shortage
Intel will invest $20 billion in a new computer chip facility in Ohio amid a global shortage of microprocessors used in everything from phones and cars to video games
2:18PM ( 5 months ago )
Climate, COVID, China: Takeaways from online Davos event
Government and business leaders have urged global cooperation on climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recovery at the World Economic Forum’s virtual gathering this week
12:51PM ( 5 months ago )
Stocks fall, head for another weekly loss; Netflix plunges
Stocks fell in morning trading on Wall Street Friday as every major index heads for another weekly loss amid concerns about rising inflation and interest rates
10:39AM ( 5 months ago )
Wall Street extends losses at open; Netflix plunges 20%
Stocks are lower at the open on Wall Street Friday, extending their losses to a fourth consecutive day
9:46AM ( 5 months ago )
China criticizes US missile sanctions as hypocrisy
China has criticized Washington for imposing sanctions on Chinese companies accused of exporting missile technology, and accused the United States of hypocrisy for selling nuclear-capable cruise missiles
7:44AM ( 5 months ago )
'Minor incursion' by Russia could complicate West's response
Short of an all-out invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin could take less dramatic action in Ukraine that would vastly complicate a U.S. and allied response
6:49AM ( 5 months ago )
Global shares slide after more losses on Wall Street
Shares have declined in Europe and Asia after a late-afternoon sell-off wiped out gains for stocks on Wall Street
6:22AM ( 5 months ago )
Year 2: Biden plans more public outreach, less legislating
President Joe Biden is launching into his second year in office with a new focus on making fatigued Americans believe they’re better off under his leadership as he embraces a pared-back agenda before the midterm elections
12:16AM ( 5 months ago )