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AP Business - Economy

The Latest: Biden takes swipe at Trump on Twitter
Vice President Joe Biden takes a swipe at Donald Trump for the candidate's recent remark on Purple Heart
3:54PM ( 2 years ago )
The Latest: Gingrich: No candidate's economic plan adds up
Newt Gingrich says that "of course" Donald Trump's economic numbers don't add up and adds that historically, no candidate's numbers work
11:37AM ( 2 years ago )
The Latest: Kasich: Trump must 'operate in the light'
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he has no idea how he'll vote come November because he doesn't support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
9:55AM ( 2 years ago )
The Latest: Clinton vows to stand up to Putin
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton basked in a diplomatic "Moscow Spring," seizing on Vladimir Putin's break from the presidency to help seal a nuclear arms-control treaty and secure Russia's acquiescence to a NATO-led military intervention in Libya
9:02AM ( 2 years ago )
Clinton to follow Trump with economic speech in Detroit
Clinton will deliver what aides are billing as a major economic speech on Thursday during a campaign trip to Detroit
8:44AM ( 2 years ago )
South Africa's ruling party suffers biggest election setback
South Africa's ruling party suffers worst-ever election setback as scandals haunt president
4:08PM ( 2 years ago )
Egypt's el-Sissi defends handling of nation's ailing economy
Egypt's president has defiantly dismissed criticism of his handling of the country's ailing economy, arguing that the skeptics were seeking to undermine the will of Egyptians
2:11PM ( 2 years ago )
War turns Ukraine into 'supermarket' for illegal weapons
The war in eastern Ukraine against Russia-backed separatists has led to the uncontrolled spread of firearms throughout the country, with experts describing Ukraine as a "supermarket" where millions of illegal weapons are for sale
4:05AM ( 2 years ago )
South Africa's ruling party faces biggest election setback
South Africa's ruling party faces biggest election setback since apartheid's end; results soon
3:06AM ( 2 years ago )
Rio's poor watch Olympic opening from rooftops of slum
In the shadow of an Olympic stadium, the have-nots of Rio watch the pageantry of the opening ceremony from a favela, balancing pride with persistent dissatisfaction with a nation suffering economic and political woes
2:26AM ( 2 years ago )