Monday April 6th, 2020 7:36AM

AP National News

Trump tempers officials' grave assessments with optimism
The U.S. surgeon general is raising the specter of the gravest attacks against the nation in memory, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, to steel anxious Americans for impending sorrow in the age of the coronavirus
7:16AM ( 20 minutes ago )
Trump sees limits of presidency in avoiding blame for virus
President Donald Trump is governing through the most dangerous practical and political crisis forced upon any U.S. leader in nearly a century
7:10AM ( 26 minutes ago )
The Latest: Lebanon asks world for help amid new coronavirus
Lebanon’s president has appealed for the international community to help the country that is passing through its worst economic and financial crisis in decades, made worse in recent weeks by the new coronavirus
7:00AM ( 36 minutes ago )
US, UK brace for soaring death tolls as pandemic bears down
The United States and Britain are bracing for one of the darkest weeks in living memory as they become the new epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic
6:56AM ( 40 minutes ago )
Japan PM to declare state of emergency as early as Tuesday
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says that he will declare a state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures as early as Tuesday to bolster measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak, but that there will be no hard lockdowns
6:40AM ( 56 minutes ago )
Lives Lost: A man loved by many, a death at 80 alone in Rome
Nothing in the way Enrico Giacomoni lived during his 80-plus years in Rome corresponds with the way he died, which was alone
6:30AM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: Virus death toll in Spain appears to drop off
Coronavirus-related fatalities and recorded infections continued to drop on Monday in Spain
6:23AM ( 1 hour ago )
Tiger at NYC's Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus
A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City has tested positive for the new coronavirus
6:09AM ( 1 hour ago )
With worst to come, 3 in 4 hospitals already facing COVID-19
A federal report finds 3 out of 4 U.S. hospitals surveyed are already treating patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19
6:00AM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: Singapore quarantines almost 20K foreign workers
Singapore has placed nearly 20,000 foreign workers under quarantine in their dormitories after an increasing number in the community were found to be infected with COVID-19
5:38AM ( 1 hour ago )