Thursday November 23rd, 2017 3:27PM

AP National News

Macy's parade begins with balloons, bands and security
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has stepped off with soaring balloons and high-stepping bands as police go all-out to secure it in a year marked by attacks on outdoor gathering spots.
9:52AM ( 5 hours ago )
Sound heard in Argentine sub search could be explosion
Argentina's navy says that a sound detected during the search for a missing submarine is consistent with that of an explosion _ an ominous development in the hunt for the vessel with 44 crew members
9:51AM ( 5 hours ago )
Myanmar, Bangladesh sign agreement on Rohingya refugees
Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed an agreement covering the return of Rohingya Muslims who fled across their mutual border to escape violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state
9:44AM ( 5 hours ago )
Zimbabwe, facing new leader, wonders 'Where is Mugabe?'
Zimbabwe, facing incoming leader, can't help wondering 'Where is Mugabe?'
9:17AM ( 6 hours ago )
Texans displaced by Harvey readjust plans for holiday feast
A Texas family is readjusting its annual Thanksgiving feast as the home where it's normally been prepared undergoes renovations following Hurricane Harvey
8:56AM ( 6 hours ago )
Papua New Guinea officials pressure refugees to leave camp
Papua New Guinea authorities have removed dozens of asylum seekers and ratcheted up pressure on more than 300 others to abandon a decommissioned immigration camp, where refugees reported their shelters, beds and other belongings have been destroyed
8:41AM ( 6 hours ago )
Democrats also juggling politics of sexual predation
Facing Conyers and Franken allegations, Democrats, too, are juggling the hot-potato politics of sexual predation
8:30AM ( 6 hours ago )
Report: Barton said he'd go to Capitol Police over photo
A published report says U.S. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas told a woman to whom he had sent sexually explicit photos, videos and messages that he would report her to U.S. Capitol Police for exposing his behavior
7:39AM ( 7 hours ago )
Trump presents his report card, passes with flying colors
President Donald Trump has a Thanksgiving Day message for the nation: Look at all I've done
6:55AM ( 8 hours ago )
Ships, aircraft search for 3 US sailors missing in crash
U.S. and Japanese ships and aircraft are searching in the Philippine Sea for three sailors missing since the crash of a U.S. Navy aircraft a day earlier
4:39AM ( 10 hours ago )