Sunday June 24th, 2018 10:23PM

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Corporate America increasingly avoids gun-industry business
After high-profile mass shootings, corporate America taking a stand to try to curtail sales of firearms
6:54PM ( 3 hours ago )
The Latest: Group: 'No magic bullet' to family reunification
An official of a West Texas organization that's receiving around 30 immigrant parents who were separated from their children after entering the country illegally says "there's no magic bullet" to reuniting the families
5:55PM ( 4 hours ago )
The Latest: Voters celebrate pro-Kurdish party success
The Latest: Thousands celebrate in predominantly Kurdish southeastern city of Diyarbakir after a pro-Kurdish party passes a difficult electoral threshold to enter parliament
5:35PM ( 4 hours ago )
The Latest: About 30 parents separated from kids released
An El Paso, Texas-based organization that assists immigrants says it's receiving about 30 parents who have been separated from their children after they were apprehended entering the country illegally
5:20PM ( 5 hours ago )
US restaurants host refugee chefs who offer a taste of home
U.S. restaurants have turned over their kitchens to refugee chefs so they can prepare sampling platters of their country's cuisine and share a taste of their home
4:15PM ( 6 hours ago )
Corporate America: New steps to curtail sales of firearms
After high-profile mass shootings, corporate America taking a stand to try to curtail sales of firearms
4:11PM ( 6 hours ago )
Trump to test his powers in South Carolina runoff
The next big test of Trump's endorsement power comes Tuesday in South Carolina, where his chosen candidate, Henry McMaster, is in a runoff for the GOP gubernatorial nomination
4:09PM ( 6 hours ago )
Prolific, painfully candid ex-poet laureate Donald Hall dies
The daughter of former U.S. poet laureate Donald Hall says he has died at age 89 at his home in Wilmot, New Hampshire
4:02PM ( 6 hours ago )
EU papers over differences after 'frank' migration talks
The leaders of 16 countries survived the "frank talk" of an emergency meeting on immigration and have emerged with a veneer of common purpose as the European Union enters a potentially vital week for the bloc's unity
4:01PM ( 6 hours ago )
Trump's immigration push a window into his follow through
Trump's struggles to push immigration legislation through Congress and his about-face on breaking up immigrant families are putting a spotlight on his competence in carrying out his policies.
3:55PM ( 6 hours ago )