Tuesday June 19th, 2018 1:40PM
BLOG: Healan's-Head's Mill restoration making progress on water wheel, heritage center
While the restoration is not complete, the transformation is apparent.
9:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Prance down 400 for a picture with Pink Panthers
Dun nun, dun nun, dun nun dun nun dun nun dun nun duhnuuuuuunnnnnnn nun.
8:43AM ( 2 months ago )
Chateau Elan: Putting the "win" in "winery" since 1983
Valentine's Day is coming up, what a better place to explore than one of the most romantic places in the area?
6:00PM ( 4 months ago )
Hoppin' down the bunny trail on Old Cornelia Highway
I'm talking classic weird, kooky stuff, the endearing bizarre, like what I saw the first time I got lost on Old Cornelia Highway.
12:00PM ( 5 months ago )
City spotlight: Braselton
Thinking "Braselton" usually followed with "Chataeu Elan" or "hospital" if I was working on a news story. But there's a lot more to the place than that, it turns out. At the very least, there are some great little antique shops and a few things on my AccessUnexpected "to visit" list.
4:00PM ( 10 months ago )
Man of steel: The metal artwork of Eric Strauss
No matter which horse you made friends with, you've become aquainted with the unique metalwork by Eric Strauss of Ellijay.
2:00PM ( 11 months ago )
Outta this world: See the stars at the UNG Planetarium
Currently, the show Solar Superstorm is running at the planetarium and coming up August 20 there will be a special program for the solar eclipse
10:00AM ( 1 year ago )
A-oak-kay: The tree that owns itself
Certain thresholds of independence are major life milestones. Think getting your drivers license, buying a house, paying a debt (Dave Ramsey cheers from afar). And then there are the more ambigious ones, like coming of age and those kind of things. A challenging task for any person, but what about a tree?
1:00PM ( 1 year ago )