Thursday May 25th, 2017 10:30AM
A-oak-kay: The tree that owns itself
Certain thresholds of independence are major life milestones. Think getting your drivers license, buying a house, paying a debt (Dave Ramsey cheers from afar). And then there are the more ambigious ones, like coming of age and those kind of things. A challenging task for any person, but what about a tree?
1:00PM ( 4 days ago )
BLOG: A look at the preservation of Hall County's last grist mill
Thursday, I was in a Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce luncheon, anxiously waiting to see what the mill looked like now. Becky Ruffner, who lived at the mill as a kid and young adult, shared a progress update and photos from the project.
3:00PM ( 2 months ago )
Detour: The Sunday drive
As I deal with a painful bout of writer's block, I thought I'd share this little moment I had this weekend while running an errand.
5:20PM ( 3 months ago )
Stay gold(en brown) Frenchy Fry Land
Frenchy Fry Land wasn't a lone and singular sign. There were more!
11:00AM ( 5 months ago )
Follow up: The special investigation at Healan's Mill
In Fall of 2015, they shoveled-tested around the mill, looking for subsurface features that were preserved. This fall, the students began small scale excavations, opening three units and exploring two different areas of the mill - one at the head of the mill race and another underneath the current mill race.
1:00PM ( 5 months ago )
City spotlight: Oakwood
Why not learn a little more about my new hometown?
1:30PM ( 5 months ago )
Detour: #Blessed
Many places I go to visit are run by people who care. They are run by people who volunteer to put their blood, sweat and tears in, by people who dedicate their weekends and elbow grease to make something wonderful.
11:00AM ( 6 months ago )
The Holly Theater
Sitting quietly off West Main Street, the former cinema was revived in the 1990's to become a community theater.
1:00PM ( 6 months ago )