Thursday May 25th, 2017 2:58AM
LISTEN: Gainesville couple create unique healthy food and drink options at their growing cafe
Ever wonder what a "frog in a blender" states like? Jeannie and Brett Copeland, and their unique menu options at the Natural Juice Cafe, are the focus of this week's Local Business Spotlight presented by Roberts Plumbing.
11:15AM ( 15 hours ago )
By Afternoon News Wrap
LISTEN: America's next war may not be fought on a traditional battlefield
Russian hacking and cyber warfare are at the center of Dale Brown's latest entitled "Price of Duty". But he also feels they'll be at the heart of the next major conflict facing the U.S.
9:40AM ( 1 day ago )
By Bill and Joel
LISTEN: Impeachment....really?
Seems as though from the moment he was elected the left has been tossing around the word "impeachment". Al Perrotta, managing editor of The Stream, discusses the real motive of those opposing Trump.
9:18AM ( 1 day ago )
By Bill and Joel
LISTEN: Off Speed-Baseball's 150 year search for the perfect pitch
The role of the pitcher and the types of pitches have really changed in baseball's 150 year history. Terry McDermott shared some of those changes with WDUN's Bill and Joel as he discussed his latest book, "Off Speed: Baseball, Pitching, and the Art of Deception".
9:50AM ( 6 days ago )
By Bill and Joel
LISTEN: David Dukes finally gets his diploma 40 years after high school
David Dukes would have graduated from Gainesville High in 1977. But having fun his senior year took a higher priority than academics. After 24 years in the United States Marine Corp and 16 teach JROTC, he's joining the graduating class of '77 albeit 40 years later.
9:18AM ( 6 days ago )
By Bill and Joel
LISTEN: Selecting the type of cruise that's right for you
Annita Thomas of Travel Bags shares tips on picking the type of cruise that's right for you. Not all cruises are same. It's better to find the type of cruising that fits your lifestyle before the ship sails.
11:18AM ( 1 week ago )
By Bill and Joel
LISTEN: Make your troll eat his own words
Internet trolls can really be a problem for those on social media. Kat Thek (aka The Troll Baker) has a unique way for you to have those trolls eat their own words.
12:05AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Jimmy Buffet: A Good Life All The Way-Ryan White
Ryan White shares stories from his latest biography "Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All The Way".
10:00AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Fighting chronic pain without opioids
Frank McGillin, Sr. VP and CCO at NeuroMetrix, discusses the problem of opioid abuse and new technology that offers an alternative to opioids for chronic pain.
5:30AM ( 1 week ago )
Morning News with Bill & Joel Archive
Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Brian Kemp on his run for Governor of Georgia
Brian Kemp, candidate for Governor of Georgia, visited WDUN's Morning Talk to discuss his campaign.
9:07AM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Dr. Emir Caner on the situation in the Middle East
Dr. Emir Caner joined Joel Williams on Morning Talk 4-12-17 to discuss the situation in the Middle East including the history of why things are as they are.
10:39AM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Todd Starnes is coming to Gainesville
During his weekly visit with WDUN's Bill and Joel, Fox New Radio's Todd Starnes talked about his upcoming trip to Gainesville and the fact that he's got a number one book on his hands. He'll be signing his "Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again" Friday March 3rd and Long Street Café on Riverside Terrace from 11a-1p.
9:11AM ( 2 months ago )
Morning Talk Archive
Morning Talk
LISTEN: 9th congressional district candidate explains why he is hosting a 'Health Care Town Hall'
Joshua McCall (D-Gainesville) joins the Afternoon News Wrap to provide details of a planned non-partisan event to be held Thursday night in the Gainesville Civic Center.
7:15PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Part Two: Recovering opioid drug addict, Craig George, shares his tale of emerging from "darkness"
George, a recovering addict who is 6 months clean, joins the Afternoon News Wrap in part two of a one-on-one to explain how friends and family can help an addict.
5:00PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Owners of Glo-Crest Dairy Farm in Clermont (and their cows) are this week's Local Business Spotlight
Ever wonder how your ice cream, milk and butter get to your grocery store? Owner of Glo-Crest Dairy Farm and Mountain Fresh Creamery, Dr. Jennifer Glover, gave the Afternoon News Wrap a behind the scenes look.
10:25AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Afternoon News Wrap Archive
Afternoon News Wrap
LISTEN: New Georgia gymnastics coach Courtney Kupets-Carter
New Georgia gymnastics coach Courtney Kupets-Carter joined the May 11 edition of Game On with Katie B. Davis
6:28AM ( 1 week ago )
Flowery Branch girls soccer captain Meg Hansen
Meg Hansen, a captain for the Lady Falcons and one of nine seniors, joined the May 8 edition of Game On with Katie B. Davis
5:47AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Head girls varsity basketball coach John Carrick talks state tournament play
The Lakeview Lady Lions are headed for semi-final play against Wesleyan Saturday 3/4. Their head coach John Carrick talks about the season and his team as they prepare to take the next step toward a state title.
8:06AM ( 2 months ago )
Game On with Katie B. Davis Archive
Game On with Katie B.
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 5-20-17 Seg 1
Bud and Tim talk motorcycles and millennials
10:20AM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garge 5-20-17 Seg 2
Bud and Tim rev up the hot rod Civic R.
10:10AM ( 1 day ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 5-20-17 Seg 3
Bud and Tim are joined by Dr. Marie Lance to talk about traveling with pets.
10:05AM ( 1 day ago )
Bud's Garage Archive
Bud's Garage
McGee recommended for principal's job at newest Hall County high school
At Monday evening meeting of the Hall County School Board, Superintendent Will Schofield recommended Wesley McGee, the current principal at Habersham Central High School, to become the principal of Hall County's newest high school.
7:02PM ( 2 days ago )
Stone Mountain police officer, son arrested after road rage incident
A Stone Mountain police officer and her son have been arrested after an alleged road rage incident involving a gun in Newton County.
By The Associated Press
10:30PM ( 4 days ago )