Tuesday August 21st, 2018 8:07PM
LISTEN: Author rekindles Foxfire book franchise that details Southern folkways
Author Phil Hudgens joins the show to discuss his reprisal of the Foxfire book series, which contains oral histories of Southern Appalachian cultures.
8:22PM ( 2 weeks ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Medical expert on advances in the battle against Alzheimer's
Dr. Heather Snyder, Senior Director of Medical and Scientific Operations for the Alzheimer's Association, joins the show to discuss some of the advances being made in the battle against Alzheimer's.
9:17PM ( 2 weeks ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: "Windy City Nanny" talks the timeless resonance of children's T.V. icon Mr. Rogers
With the recently-released documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor" re-igniting interest in children's T.V. icon Mr. Rogers, "Windy City Nanny" Florence Ann Romano, a dedicated philanthropist with a passion for helping children, joins the show to discuss his enduring legacy.
7:00PM ( 4 weeks ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: British pundit thinks U.K. "could use a healthy dose of 'Trumpism'"
British political firebrand Anne Marie Waters joins the show to explain why she thinks the U.K. political landscape could use what she describes as a "healthy dose of Trumpism."
10:00PM ( 4 weeks ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: "The Paper Airplane Guy" talks upcoming attempt at breaking own world record
John "The Paper Airplane Guy" Collins joins the show to discuss his record-setting paper airplane stunt, and his upcoming attempt to break his own world record.
8:19PM ( 1 month ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Republican strategist discusses Georgia' gubernatorial race
Julianne Thompson, a Republican strategist and grassroots activist, joins the show to talk about the ongoing race between gubernatorial candidates Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp.
9:00PM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Doggie travel tips for the summer months
Anita Thomas with Travel Bags returns to the show to share some of her favorite travel tips for comfortably, and safely, toting around your four-legged friends.
8:00AM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Biggest etiquette mistakes commonly seen in the workplace
Workplace culture specialist Bobby Albert joins the show to share the biggest etiquette mistakes he sees, and offers advice on how to remedy them.
5:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Morning News with Bill & Joel Archive
Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Former gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins explains why he released recording of private talk with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle
Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins joined WDUN's Morning Talk on Thursday to talk about his recording of a conversation with Republican candidate Casey Cagle
10:45AM ( 1 month ago )
Morning Talk Archive
Morning Talk
LISTEN: "I didn't see it coming": What one family said about losing their son to opioid addiction
Tane Robson Shannon shares the story of losing her son to opioid abuse. Grades were good. Everything seemed "normal." But things were far from it. Hear the advice she has for families to keep from finding themselves in the same situation.
4:45PM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN: Get a look at opioids from a doctor's perspective
Dr. Tennant Slack talks about the use and abuse of opioids as a physician who works with pain management.
4:45PM ( 10 months ago )
LISTEN: Dallas Gay shares an overview of the scope of opioid addiction
Dallas Gay discusses the scope of the opioid problem in the North Georgia area and what is being done to combat it.
4:30PM ( 10 months ago )
Afternoon News Wrap Archive
Afternoon News Wrap
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 1
Looking to buy a used car? Don't until you hear these tips from Bud and Tim.
10:13AM ( 3 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 2
Bud and Tim launch into a discussion about more cars in space.
10:09AM ( 3 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 3
Bud and Tim wrangle a truckload of Mustangs.
10:07AM ( 3 months ago )
Bud's Garage Archive
Bud's Garage
Northeast Georgia woman to be sentenced in Gainesville next week for Medicare, Medicaid fraud
A northeast Georgia woman is to be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Gainesville Wednesday, Aug. 22, following her conviction earlier this year on Medicare and Medicaid fraud charges.
5:52PM ( 4 days ago )
Annual clean up event on Lanier celebrate 30 years this fall
The Lake Lanier Association's Annual Shore Sweep event will celebrate its 30th year this fall.
2:00PM ( 2 days ago )