Monday October 22nd, 2018 7:53PM
LISTEN: Analyzing the increased cost of long-term care expenses with an industry expert
Genworth Cost of Care Expert Gordon Saunders joins the show to discuss the increased costs associated with long-term care, including nursing homes, in-home care, and adult day cares.
5:00PM ( 2 days ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Tips for keeping your pets stress-free when moving to a new home
Dr. Marie Lance with the Lance Animal Hospital joins the show to discuss the best ways of keeping your pets stress-free when moving to a new home.
10:00PM ( 3 days ago )
By Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Fighting chronic pain with revolutionary spinal chord treatment
Dr. Louis Raso, a pain specialist at Jupiter Medical Center, and Retired Sgt. 1st Class Justin Minyard join the show to discuss a life-changing spinal chord treatment that can alleviate chronic pain.
7:00PM ( 3 days ago )
By Bill & Joel
Transportation Tip Thursday: Traveling with Pets
WDUN's Caleb Hutchins talks to Annita Thomas of Travel Bags with Annita and Friends about tips for traveling with animals on Transportation Tip Thursday.
5:45PM ( 4 days ago )
LISTEN: Year-end vasectomies, with Dr. Brent Sharpe
Dr. Brent Sharpe with ATE Georgia Urology joins the show to explain why it's the perfect time of year for procrastinating men to get the vasectomy they've been putting off.
8:20PM ( 4 days ago )
By Bill & Joel
Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp joins Morning Talk
Georgia Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp joined WDUN's Morning Talk with Joel Williams and Al Gainey
10:30AM ( 5 days ago )
By Morning Talk
LISTEN: Bill Belichick biographer talks the legendary coach's legacy's Ian O'Conner joins the show to discuss his newest book "Belichick," which has been called the definitive biography of legendary coaching figure Bill Belichick.
5:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Business real estate opportunities in the growing Gainesville market
Local real estate expert Frank Norton, Jr., joins the show to discuss some emerging opportunities he's seeing in a growing Gainesville-centric business market.
8:28PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Senator David Perdue talks the budget and Kavanaugh hearings
Senator David Perdue says he's frustrated with the way his party is handling itself saying "Republicans have decided to play defense and I came here to play offense." Senator Perdue made his statement in an appearance Friday morning on the Bill and Joel Morning Show where he expressed similar feelings about the recent developments in the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings.
10:09AM ( 1 month ago )
Morning News with Bill & Joel Archive
Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Honoring the memory of fallen soldiers with the American Battle Monuments Commission
Hillsdale College's Dr. Tom Conner joins the show to discuss his study of the American Battle Monuments Commission, which commemorates the service of fallen soldiers with cemeteries, monuments and shrines all over the world.
8:00AM ( 6 days ago )
LISTEN: Former gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins explains why he released recording of private talk with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle
Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins joined WDUN's Morning Talk on Thursday to talk about his recording of a conversation with Republican candidate Casey Cagle
10:45AM ( 3 months ago )
Morning Talk Archive
Morning Talk
LISTEN: "I didn't see it coming": What one family said about losing their son to opioid addiction
Tane Robson Shannon shares the story of losing her son to opioid abuse. Grades were good. Everything seemed "normal." But things were far from it. Hear the advice she has for families to keep from finding themselves in the same situation.
4:45PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Get a look at opioids from a doctor's perspective
Dr. Tennant Slack talks about the use and abuse of opioids as a physician who works with pain management.
4:45PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Dallas Gay shares an overview of the scope of opioid addiction
Dallas Gay discusses the scope of the opioid problem in the North Georgia area and what is being done to combat it.
4:30PM ( 1 year ago )
Afternoon News Wrap Archive
Afternoon News Wrap
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 1
Looking to buy a used car? Don't until you hear these tips from Bud and Tim.
10:13AM ( 5 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 2
Bud and Tim launch into a discussion about more cars in space.
10:09AM ( 5 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 4-28-18 Seg 3
Bud and Tim wrangle a truckload of Mustangs.
10:07AM ( 5 months ago )
Bud's Garage Archive
Bud's Garage
Animal shelter in Gwinnett County imposes week long quarantine
The Gwinnett County Animal Shelter has issued a seven-day quarantine of animals due to canine illness, deaths.
By Staff
7:31PM ( 3 days ago )
Elliott pounces as Harvick falters for Kansas win
It took 99 races for Chase Elliott to get his first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series victory. Ten events later, the son of NASCAR Hall of Famer Bill Elliott has three wins...
By Reid Spencer-NASCAR Wire Service
6:54PM ( 23 hours ago )