Wednesday March 29th, 2017 7:11AM
APNewsBreak: Cyanide device on US land broke agency policy
Officials say a cyanide device for killing coyotes that spewed the poison on a boy and killed his dog was set up on public land in Idaho in February despite a decision months earlier to halt use of the devices on all the state's U.S.-owned land
2:45AM ( 4 hours ago )
Senate, White House pass on House push to revive health bill
White House officials and Senate Republican leaders say they're ready to move on to other issues and leave efforts to repeal and replace the nation's health care law behind them for now
9:13PM ( 9 hours ago )
Trump says he expects a health care deal soon
President Donald Trump says he expects to make a deal on health care, even though his first attempt failed just a few days ago
8:16PM ( 10 hours ago )
Trumps says he expects a health care deal soon
President Donald Trump says he expects to make a deal on health care, even though his first attempt failed just a few days ago
8:05PM ( 11 hours ago )
Brain and arm implants help paralyzed US man feed himself
A paralyzed Ohio man was able to feed himself for the first time in eight years, after doctors implanted sensors in his brain that sent signals to his arm
6:33PM ( 12 hours ago )
FDA approves 1st drug for moderate & severe eczema cases
U.S. regulators have approved the first powerful, injected medicine to treat serious cases of the skin condition eczema
5:06PM ( 13 hours ago )
Democratic senator asks drugmakers about opioid sales plans
A Democratic senator says she is looking into whether drugmakers are contributing to an overuse of painkillers by Americans
4:33PM ( 14 hours ago )
Lawmakers in Republican-led Kansas vote to expand Medicaid
Kansas' Republican-controlled Legislature has approved an expansion of state health coverage to thousands of poor adults under former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul
4:21PM ( 14 hours ago )
Pakistan launches special anti-polio drive in Islamabad
A Pakistani health official says a special anti-polio drive has been launched in Islamabad after traces of the virus were found in the city's sewage system
11:10AM ( 19 hours ago )
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The Latest: Trump ties health care vote to abortion
President Donald Trump is telling anti-abortion lawmakers that a vote against the health care bill would favor Planned Parenthood
8:49AM ( 4 days ago )
Obama health law's 'essential benefits' may be in jeopardy
Scrambling to nail down votes for the House health care bill, Republicans are considering ways to ease federal requirements that insurers cover such basic services as prescription drugs, maternity care, and substance abuse treatment
3:57AM ( 6 days ago )
Texas House ethics chair probes anti-abortion group contract
Texas health officials say they're looking closely at an anti-abortion group that received $1.6 million to bolster women's health clinics but has fallen short of promises
5:41PM ( 1 week ago )
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The Latest: Father of autistic son criticizes Trump nominee
A Colorado man, Jeff Perkins, is encouraging senators not to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court saying he minimized the education schools must provide disabled children
12:31PM ( 5 days ago )
A Muppet with autism to be welcomed soon on 'Sesame Street'
Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted, and that certainly goes for Julia, a Muppet youngster with blazing red hair, bright green eyes _ and autism
4:49AM ( 1 week ago )
UK grants 1st license to make babies using DNA from 3 people
Britain's Newcastle University says its scientists have received a license to create babies using DNA from three people to prevent women from passing on potentially fatal genetic diseases to their children
11:38AM ( 1 week ago )
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Mississippi lawmaker discloses dementia diagnosis from floor
A colorful Mississippi lawmaker who is an undertaker by trade has gone public with a diagnosis of dementia, saying he will seek to live his days with 'the gusto of a hound dog'
6:02PM ( 4 days ago )
Worried about getting old? Poll sees optimism grow with age
A new survey finds greater worry about the typical concerns of aging among younger people than older people
11:36AM ( 6 days ago )
George Clooney pays surprise visit to devoted UK fan
Actor George Clooney startled an 87-year-old fan in Britain by showing up at her assisted living facility with flowers and a card to wish her a happy birthday
8:10AM ( 1 week ago )
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Arizona man awarded $2.5M in medical lawsuit vs VA hospital
An Arizona man was awarded $2.5 million in his lawsuit saying that his now-terminal cancer would have been curable had the Veterans Administration hospital in Phoenix diagnosed it sooner
6:31PM ( 3 weeks ago )
California governor to get further prostate cancer treatment
California Gov. Jerry Brown will undergo further radiation treatment for prostate cancer
6:06PM ( 2 months ago )
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he has prostate cancer
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer but will finish the final two years of his term
10:37PM ( 2 months ago )
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Vegas Strip reopens after gunman surrender, fatal shooting
A man riding on a double decker bus on the Las Vegas Strip pulled a gun and started shooting, killing one person and wounding another before barricading himself inside in a standoff that lasted hours before he finally surrendered
9:41PM ( 3 days ago )