Sunday November 18th, 2018 7:29AM
Jennie-O recalling ground turkey in salmonella outbreak
Jennie-O-Turkey is recalling more than 91,000 pounds of raw turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak
9:36AM ( 1 day ago )
North Korea running low on TB meds, experts fear epidemic
Health experts: North Korea is facing shortage of tuberculosis medications that could accelerate spread of more deadly strain, putting hundreds of thousands at risk
3:43AM ( 2 days ago )
Group calls for bigger Seoul role in tackling TB in NKorea
A U.S.-based nonprofit group has called for South Korea to take stronger steps to fight a tuberculosis crisis in North Korea it says has worsened under strengthened U.S.-led sanctions against the country over its nuclear weapons and missile program
1:40AM ( 2 days ago )
Batkid Miles Scott is healthy and thriving now cancer-free
San Francisco's beloved Batkid is cancer-free and thriving in a wide range of activities
10:46PM ( 2 days ago )
Smoke spreading from California fires sparks health concerns
Smoke from major wildfires is spreading into California cities and raising concerns about the impact on people's health
9:13PM ( 2 days ago )
Ferocious fires spark concern over major health consequences
Recurring wildfires are sparking concern among medical experts about potentially major health consequences
7:33PM ( 2 days ago )
Corrected study: Building, mining have high suicide rates
CDC corrects study of highest job-related suicides, now putting construction and extraction at the top
2:17PM ( 2 days ago )
Experts seek ways to boost extreme wildfire survival rates
With wildfires growing deadlier across the U.S. West, experts are suggesting ways to help people survive
11:45AM ( 2 days ago )
Twins separated by surgery are healing, sticking together
Doctors say that conjoined twins from Bhutan who were separated at an Australian hospital last week have been moving about, eating and otherwise healing well
1:45AM ( 3 days ago )
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Michelle Obama had miscarriage, used IVF to conceive girls
Michelle Obama says she felt "lost and alone" after suffering a miscarriage 20 years ago
1:58PM ( 1 week ago )
Many red state voters embrace liberal-backed ballot measures
Even in deep-red states, voters embrace an array of liberal-backed ballot measures, from expanding Medicaid to boosting the minimum wage.
4:45PM ( 1 week ago )
More deaths seen for less invasive cervical cancer surgery
New evidence about a cancer operation in women finds a higher death rate for the less invasive version
5:52PM ( 2 weeks ago )
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AP Interview: US VP's wife champions art therapy in Japan
VP Pence's wife announced a $54,000 grant to a teacher at a Japanese university for the study of art therapy, the profession Pence has chosen as her cause under the Trump administration
2:31AM ( 5 days ago )
Aid workers reach remote Syrian camp for 1st time
Aid workers reach Syrian remote camp along border with Jordan for 1st time
12:58PM ( 1 week ago )
Aid workers enter remote Syrian camp for 1st time
Aid workers inside Syrian remote camp along border with Jordan for 1st time
10:31AM ( 1 week ago )
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Medicare expands access to in-home support for seniors
Some Medicare Advantage insurance plans to offer broader array of in-home support services next year
12:01PM ( 1 week ago )
Sandra Day O'Connor announces likely Alzheimer's diagnosis
Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, says she has the beginning stages of dementia and "probably Alzheimer's disease." O'Connor made the announcement in a letter Tuesday
5:50PM ( 3 weeks ago )
AP-NORC Poll: Many caregivers neglecting their own health
AP-NORC Poll: Many caregivers skip their own checkups in health care balancing act
10:53AM ( 1 month ago )
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LEADING OFF: Trout sits, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer
LEADING OFF: Trout sits on birthday, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer, Braves and Nats play two
11:20PM ( 3 months ago )
Blacks fare surprisingly well in prostate cancer research
Black men with advanced prostate cancer fare surprisingly well in research that challenges current thinking about racial disparities in the disease
5:35PM ( 5 months ago )
Health of world's last male northern white rhino in decline
Health of world's last male northern white rhino in decline; 'We are very concerned about him'
10:21AM ( 8 months ago )
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APNewsBreak: Moses asks for thorough review of WADA culture
In letter obtained by AP, Edwin Moses asks for thorough review of WADA culture
11:58PM ( 4 days ago )