Wednesday January 23rd, 2019 2:40AM
AP-NORC Poll: Disasters influence thinking on climate change
Americans say natural disasters and their local weather are influencing their views on climate change.
12:15PM ( 13 hours ago )
China seems to confirm scientist's gene-edited babies claim
Chinese authorities appear to have confirmed a scientist's unpublished claims that he helped to make the world's first gene-edited babies, and they say he could face consequences
9:43PM ( 1 day ago )
China probe faults scientist for gene-edited babies work
A Chinese investigation into reports of the world's first gene-edited babies seems to have confirmed their existence
12:44PM ( 1 day ago )
China says doctor behind gene-edited babies acted on his own
A Chinese investigation says the doctor behind the reported birth of two babies whose genes had been edited in hopes of making them resistant to the AIDS virus acted on his own and will be punished for any violations of the law
4:18AM ( 1 day ago )
Timberlake pops in on patients at Texas children's hospital
Justin Timberlake pulled some sunshine from his pocket for the patients at a Texas children's hospital
6:28PM ( 3 days ago )
3 years later, no one is in jail over Flint tainted water
No one has been convicted of a felony in the Flint water investigation, three years after the start of a state criminal probe
2:13PM ( 4 days ago )
Lawsuits ramp up pressure on family that owns opioid company
Lawsuits are seeking to hold the drug industry accountable for the opioid crisis in the US, but one prominent family is getting a lot of the scrutiny
1:56PM ( 4 days ago )
UN health agency: Rising misconduct reports are 'positive'
The World Health Organization says it is seeing increasing reports of misconduct reported by staffers within the U.N. health agency, describing the trend as "a positive thing."
8:47AM ( 4 days ago )
Dispute over rules riles California's legal pot market
California has finalized hundreds of pages of rules governing the nation's largest legal pot market, but the dense regulations are unlikely to settle long-running disputes over testing and home deliveries
6:15PM ( 5 days ago )
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Battles expected in many states over abortion-related bills
Legislators and activists will push this year to pass high-priority bills on abortion in statehouses across the United States
7:11PM ( 6 days ago )
911 audio shows shock, panic after comatose woman gave birth
Dramatic 911 audio shows panicking staff members at a long-term care facility scrambled to save a baby born to an Arizona woman in a vegetative state amid their shock to learn she was pregnant
5:15PM ( 1 week ago )
Expert: Comatose woman may not have shown signs of pregnancy
Court documents say a doctor examined an Arizona woman in a vegetative state nearly nine months before she gave birth but didn't find that was pregnant
8:38AM ( 1 week ago )
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Actor Joe Manganiello plays D&D at children's hospital
Actor Joe Manganiello stopped by a Pittsburgh children's hospital to lead patients in a game of Dungeons and Dragons
2:37PM ( 1 week ago )
Wall debate obscures other struggles at the border
The debate over President Donald Trump's demand for $5 billion for border walls with Mexico overlooks bottlenecks in the immigration system as more families and children turn themselves in to seek asylum
3:49PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Pegi Young, musician and activist, dead at 66
Pegi Young, who with fellow musician and then-husband Neil Young helped found the Bridge School for children with speech and physical impairments, has died of cancer at age 66
7:06PM ( 2 weeks ago )
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Children's Health
Group backing private Medicare is funded by insurance giants
A group seen as a champion for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries is funded by insurance giants that stand to benefit as that part of the federal health insurance program grows
4:15PM ( 1 month ago )
Elderly man evicted over medical marijuana hits another snag
A 78-year-old New York man who was evicted from federally subsidized housing because he uses medical marijuana says the conflicting state and federal marijuana rules that left him homeless are now threatening his medical care
7:24PM ( 1 month ago )
Medicare expands access to in-home support for seniors
Some Medicare Advantage insurance plans to offer broader array of in-home support services next year
12:01PM ( 2 months ago )
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Senior Health
US cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline
The U.S. cancer death rate has now been falling for 25 years _ an important milestone in the overall decline
4:12PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LEADING OFF: Trout sits, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer
LEADING OFF: Trout sits on birthday, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer, Braves and Nats play two
11:20PM ( 5 months ago )
Blacks fare surprisingly well in prostate cancer research
Black men with advanced prostate cancer fare surprisingly well in research that challenges current thinking about racial disparities in the disease
5:35PM ( 7 months ago )
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Men's Health
The Latest: Tennis' Tiafoe channels LeBron for celebrations
If Frances Tiafoe keeps on winning matches at the Australian Open, he'll keep on channeling LeBron James
6:53AM ( 4 days ago )