Saturday March 25th, 2017 11:40AM
Self-inflicted collapse chokes GOP effort to undo Obamacare
An epic, self-inflicted collapse smothered House Republicans' effort to repeal and replace Barack Obama's health care law
10:58AM ( 23 minutes ago )
Idaho inmates: Prison violations led to amputations, death
Idaho inmates are asking a federal judge to hold the state in contempt after saying prison officials repeatedly violated a settlement plan in a long-running lawsuit over health care, leading to serious injuries and even the deaths of some prisoners
10:47AM ( 34 minutes ago )
The Latest: Denmark singles out 1 EU success: roaming prices
Denmark's prime minister says the European Union is a success and singled out one example: roaming costs
10:40AM ( 41 minutes ago )
Now what? Options for next year as health law drama fades
As the political drama over health care legislation in Washington fades, the rest of the country faces a more immediate concern: Getting insurance for next year
10:29AM ( 52 minutes ago )
Colorado weighs strategy for guarding against pot crackdown
Colorado is considering an unusual strategy to protect its nascent marijuana industry from a federal crackdown
9:53AM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: 27 EU leaders toast Europe's future, its people
The leaders of the European Union's 27 remaining countries have toasted Europe and its united people
9:47AM ( 1 hour ago )
Security, parking, garbage irk Ivanka Trump's DC neighbors
Residents of a posh Washington neighborhood say the Trump clan doesn't make for very good neighbors, hogging parking on an already crowded street and leaving trash bags rotting at curbside
9:26AM ( 1 hour ago )
EU puts pen to paper on unity pledge during 60th anniversary
With Britain already heading out the door, the 27 remaining European Union leaders are hoping to keep the bloc moving forward
8:55AM ( 2 hours ago )
Many governors welcome demise of GOP health care bill
Failure of the Republican bill to overhaul Obama's health care law is welcomed by many governors, primarily in states that had expanded Medicaid
7:35AM ( 3 hours ago )
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Saudi embassy confirms UK attacker had been in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's embassy in London says a man who killed four people outside Britain's Parliament was in the Mideast country three times and taught English there
7:09AM ( 4 hours ago )
Health care defeat is a brutal loss for Speaker Paul Ryan
The defeat of the GOP plan for repealing and replacing the nation's health care law is a brutal loss for House Speaker Paul Ryan
3:58AM ( 7 hours ago )
Epic collapse of GOP health care bill puts effort into limbo
The failure of House Republicans to repeal and replace Barack Obama's health care law was nothing short of an epic, self-inflicted collapse
3:19AM ( 8 hours ago )
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After health care bill's withdrawal, elation and anger
Some Americans breathed a sigh of relief and others are having their patience tested as the long-running debate on health care goes even longer
10:55PM ( 12 hours ago )
No repeal for 'Obamacare' _ a humiliating defeat for Trump
In a humiliating setback, President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their "Obamacare" repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly
7:01PM ( 16 hours ago )
Trump campaign chair offers to talk to House panel on Russia
President Donald Trump's former campaign manager has volunteered to be interviewed by lawmakers as part of an increasingly partisan House probe of the Kremlin's alleged meddling in the 2016 election
4:44PM ( 18 hours ago )
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Mississippi lawmaker discloses dementia diagnosis from floor
A colorful Mississippi lawmaker who is an undertaker by trade has gone public with a diagnosis of dementia, saying he will seek to live his days with 'the gusto of a hound dog'
6:02PM ( 17 hours ago )
Winners and losers in House Republican health plan
The old and the poor made out great when House Republicans failed to dismantle Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act
5:10PM ( 18 hours ago )
Trump, GOP leaders pull health care bill in humiliating loss
In a humiliating setback, President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their "Obamacare" repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly
4:06PM ( 19 hours ago )
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Comedian won't run for New Jersey governor as Republican
A former "Saturday Night Live" comedian won't run as a Republican in New Jersey's upcoming governor's race, but says he's "more serious than ever" about running as an independent
5:23AM ( 4 days ago )
The Latest: Gorsuch talks of 1 case that lingered
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch says a case involving a truck driver who was fired for disobeying a boss' order "is one of those you take home at night."
1:55PM ( 3 days ago )