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Joseph Robert Fowler

Obituary Date: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Joseph Robert Fowler, at 31 years old, departed this life on Thursday, September 28.  Joseph was a son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, and friend.  He is survived by his parents, Kathy and Joe Fowler of Gainesville, GA as well as his sister, Anna Wildes, brother-in-law Eric Wildes, and two nephews, also of Gainesville, GA.

Like all of us, Joseph’s parents rejoiced in his beauty as an infant with big, deep eyes, and a relaxed personality.  He was adventurous as a little boy and into his adulthood with fearless desires to achieve daring physical acts, like attempting to chop down a “twee” with a butcher knife and jumping into beautiful rivers from majestic rocks and age-old trees.  He excelled on wheels whether a bike, inline skates, or in a shopping cart down the neighborhood street with his best buddies!  His body was strong and capable, and he took pride in the tattoos that adorned his skin as displays of his religious beliefs, his origins, and also his past transgressions.  Joseph could devour a book in hours, especially if it was related to the topic of American history, as he often remarked that he should have been set down on this earth during Civil War times rather than the present one.  His mind and heart were deep and filled with knowledge of how to interact with others with sensitivity and humor, especially those in the later years of their lives.  Joseph was a natural in the kitchen with a special talent for preparing meat, and enjoying watching others’ pleasure in his creations.  He will be missed immensely, remembered constantly, and loved always by so many.

Due to a heroin overdose, the light of a funny, intelligent, kind-hearted spirit was taken from our lives by a senseless and relentless drug.  Our family asks that you realize that no one is immune to the epidemic of opioid and heroin addiction that encumbers our culture.  We fought as hard as we knew how to help Joseph, and our constant hope of his recovery dashed so senselessly is devastating. We must fight hard against these drugs, prevalent everywhere, because they defile the brain’s ability to make sound decisions in order to save one’s self.

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