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Sylvia Sams

Obituary Date: Wednesday 25th January 2017

With two friends in room 5312 of the Gainesville Hospital,we watched as my wife  Sylvia, departed for heaven.  (Peacefully on 1/25/2017 about 10:30 PM). 


She was being treated for congestive heart failure, kidney and some infection at the at the hospital.  I am thankful to be a part of her life and for being together for so many years. 


Sylvia being a student at University North Carolina at Greensboro and I being a student of North Carolina State University,  met at an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Conference at Duke University in 1967. We did not she each other again till a year later at another Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meeting. She had become a Christian between those events. At that time we began dating. She attended football and basketball game with me as my date,. Since I was in the N. C. State band and the Pep Band she got in free.  After college I moved to Atlanta. (God Directed)  A year later she moved to Duluth Georgia to share a room with an IVCF classmate. After her classmate got married, we got married in 1972 and lived in Roswell Georgia, God blessed us as we became involved in various Christian Ministries and allowed us to be witnesses and apart of His activities. 


In the 1970s and 80s, s he was involved with the CWC (Christian Women Club) in the Atlanta area, the tape ministry at Atlanta Baptist Church, NIBS, and TCL (Training Church Leaders) a ministry started by Dan Dehaan.


Sylvia from 1999 until May 2016, transcribed names and address of phone callers wanting to know more about Christ or prayer request though Data Tech Communications System designed for the North American Mission Board and some for the Billy Graham TV ministry.


Funeral Arrangements Details:

For the sake of those that travel some distance, It was felt best not to have visitation on Saturday at 4-8PM and then the funeral on Sunday but to combine the two. So the new schedule is as follows;

Sylvia's Services: At Dahlonega Funeral Home

                20 Gibson Road   Dahlonega, Ga.

                Visitation:   Sunday  1/29/2017  1-3 PM

                Funeral:       Sunday  1/29/2017     3 PM

              Continue Visitation and Reception after the funeral

Funeral Date
01/29/2017 at 3:00PM
Funeral Home
Dahlonega Funeral Home
(706) 864-3683
20 Gibson Rd, Dahlonega 30533