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We offer specilized career training in Massage Therapy, Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant, and Certified Nursing Assistant. All programs are designed to get you on the job in less than 1 year. Enrolling Now! Finanical Assistance available to those who qualify for Massage Therapy Program only.
North Georgia was awarded by the MacArthur Foundation as the top Army ROTC unit among all senior military colleges in 2009-2010. We also received the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America's Outstanding ROTC Unit award as the best Army ROTC program out of the 273 in the country! By far the least expensive senior military college, North Geo...
NGNA is a school centered around getting the Beginning steps into Nursing! Become a CNA in as little as a month! Enrolling Now! Contact an Admissions Rep. Today and set up an appt. to come in and get started in your new fast and In-Demand Medical Field! North Georgia Nursing Academy 770-534-1373 Ngnanursing@