Monday August 19th, 2019 4:06AM
I hate cancer
I’ll get back to issues next week, but this is on my heart today.
10:41AM ( 3 days ago )
How do we grieve?
I’ve experienced great loss in the last 10 years. My mother and sister died of cancer in 2010 within 2 months of each other and my brother died suddenly five years ago. I don’t like to grieve but we all have to do it and we have to move on. I think that is why the story of the Anchondo family resonates with those who hear it.
8:56AM ( 5 days ago )
Is this the new normal?
After the Democrat Debates this week and talking to Tharon Johnson, a Democratic strategist, and Susie Turnbull, the former Vice Chair of the DNC, I had to ask the question, “Is this the new normal?”
11:21AM ( 2 weeks ago )
It's all about kindness
Last weekend, Rep. Erica Thomas (GA-39) a Democrat of Cobb County went to Publix in Cobb County with her daughter. Rep. Thomas is very pregnant and had a few extra items in her basket and decided to use the express lane.
9:21AM ( 2 weeks ago )