Wednesday November 25th, 2020 8:11PM
It's time to move on
Republicans had a very good night on November 3.
10:36AM ( 1 week ago )
Life's a beach, and then you vote
I tend to look at the sunny side of life. My friends say I am always “half-full.”
3:31PM ( 4 weeks ago )
Blue check responsibility
I watch a great deal of politics. Yes, it is a sickness with me.
9:08AM ( 1 month ago )
Follow the science
I believe common sense is a better indicator of what a leader should do, than science.
10:57AM ( 1 month ago )
What’s next in presidential debates?
After the first debate, which was a word I do not use in print or on the radio, what did we learn?
9:02AM ( 1 month ago )
The Supremes
I will not be saying anything bad about Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She fought for what she believed in the right way.
9:49AM ( 2 months ago )
Competition is good
Democrats in Georgia are making headway across the state. I stated on Morningtalk this morning that I’m happy about it because I love competition. I believe conservative ideas are better and ultimately if you are comparing one agenda to the other, conservatives and Republicans will win. So I’m not afraid of competition. But we have to be able to talk to each other. It’s time we started talking to each other even though we might vote differently.
4:06PM ( 2 months ago )
Conventions: Not what they used to be
The last time a sitting president gave his acceptance speech from the White House, it was FDR in his shirtsleeves after midnight in 1940.
11:49AM ( 3 months ago )