Tuesday October 3rd, 2023 8:08PM
Dress Codes in the 21st Century
We have been through a very long couple of weeks.
6:00AM ( 14 hours ago )
Challenges in the State Senate Regarding DAs
This week we will have a special edition of The Martha Zoller Show Podcast.
8:00AM ( 3 weeks ago )
What’s Next for the GOP Field for President
I hear from these folks every day. They tell me to stop criticizing former President Trump.
8:00AM ( 1 month ago )
The Rise in Antisemitism, It’s Everybody’s Problem
Twenty years ago, two of my children were in a North Hall High School production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”
10:00AM ( 2 months ago )
Martha Feeling Dreadful, But Hopeful
I am heading to the GAGOP convention this weekend and I am feeling dreadful about what we are going to see.
8:00AM ( 3 months ago )
How to Fix the Senate In Three Easy Steps
The US Senate is supposed to be the body where debate happens. Every STATE has two senators, so every state is on an equal footing.
10:00AM ( 5 months ago )
What is War?
Through World War II, American soldiers were deployed for the duration of the war. In my father’s case, that was September 1942 through June 1945.
9:00AM ( 5 months ago )
Why the Trump Indictment is So Bad for America
Many of the of the pundits on all sides commented on the “sad day for America” which was the indictment of former President Donald Trump. But none of them get why it was sad.
10:00AM ( 5 months ago )