Tuesday May 28th, 2024 9:57AM
Love and Loss
My sweet mother in law went to be with the Lord last Wednesday.
6:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Talking To Flyover Country
Last weekend I attended a BSA “Blue and Gold” banquet in Kentucky.
7:00AM ( 2 months ago )
How an Immigration Bill Becomes a Law: School House Rock for the 21st Century
The only federal legislative body that has actually voted on immigration reform is the United States House of Representatives.
6:00AM ( 2 months ago )
Why Laken Riley's Life is a Clarion Call for Change
Laken Riley lived life.
9:30AM ( 3 months ago )
The Border Discussion We Ought to Be Having
We’ve been having this border discussion for a long time.
8:00AM ( 3 months ago )
What’s Upcoming and How Conservatives Will Fare
Last week, we talked to Cong. Buddy Carter (GA-01) and Cong. Mike Collins (GA-10).
8:00AM ( 4 months ago )
What’s the Buzz? Social Media
I’m not sure if we even know the impact of social media on things like politics or the discourse.
6:00AM ( 5 months ago )
Clarity, Truth and Justice for Israel
It's pretty clear to me. On October 7, an unprovoked, barbaric attack happened upon innocent civilians in Israel.
6:45AM ( 6 months ago )