Wednesday October 28th, 2020 7:26AM
I went to buy a grill and ended up joining a cult
When you drive by our house on the weekend it looks like we’ve elected a new pope.
12:00PM ( 3 years ago )
Wasted time?
Tic toc...it's a resource of which each of us only has a limited supply.
10:30AM ( 3 years ago )
Flying: the time machine that takes you back to kindergarten
It seems flying can bring out the little kid in some of us. In this case, it's not a good thing.
3:37PM ( 3 years ago )
Being in control is overrated
We love to be in control of our world, but I find wonderful things happen when I go totally out of control.
4:28PM ( 3 years ago )
An open letter to an old friend...a "thank you" long over due.
Sometimes the friends you see the least can have a big effect.
10:00AM ( 3 years ago )
Finding a new slogan for Florida
They didn't ask me, but I've come up with a new slogan for the peninsula of paradise currently known as the Sunshine State.
10:56AM ( 3 years ago )
The taste of patience
Building the perfect salad is more involved than you might think.
6:02PM ( 3 years ago )
Put me in coach
Baseball 2.0. The next generation of America's pastime.
10:02AM ( 3 years ago )