Sunday November 29th, 2020 8:59AM
Don't postpone joy
“Don’t postpone joy.” When I first read it, I couldn’t read it. It was a bumper sticker in scripty font that made me squint really hard to see what it said. It didn’t help that it was on a bright yellow car and the sticker blended in just enough to make it difficult to read in the morning light.
12:30PM ( 4 days ago )
The one where I grabbed food from a gas station
I realized I made a terrible, terrible mistake. Suddenly, and without warning, my eyes were watering, my nose was running, my mouth was tingling, and my chest felt as though I was going to split wide open into a thousand pieces. And it was time to go on air. If only I could take back the previous thirty seconds where I popped a hot and spicy snack mix into my mouth – multiple times.
7:23PM ( 1 week ago )
The one where the Twix says my name
I like being skinny, but I like eating candy.
9:51PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Friend Okra
Fried okra might be my love language. Not fried okra like you find at a southern cooking restaurant. No, fried “okry,” as my grandmama used to say. That pan-fried, lightly breaded, crispy kind of okra.
7:46PM ( 1 month ago )
Sideline scores: The internal conversations of a socially challenged soccer mom
Me, on the other hand, that’s a different story. Soccer makes me retreat, retreat, retreat. The kid attacks on the field whereas he normally retreats on the sidelines. I’m the opposite. I am normally a loud, vivacious and opinionated kind of person. But not so much in situations like these.
3:14PM ( 2 months ago )
Pavmom's Theory of Conditioning
I'm working on scientific proof of what I call Pavmom's Theory of Conditioning. Maybe you can remember learning something about this scientific theory in school… In the real theory, Pavlov's theory, a bell ringing would cause dogs to salivate in preparation for food. In my theory, kids do the same thing, but with mommy noises.
9:58PM ( 4 months ago )
The one where there's rice on the floor
Eating out is my love language. I’ve always said this. I think it must be because I crave and value uninterrupted time with my family. Eating at home is chaotic and I hate to cook. Then I have to clean. Truly, if you love me, you will take me out to eat.
8:27PM ( 4 months ago )
Picking battles and blueberries
Life isn’t about entering battles I am destined to lose. Even if I “win” momentarily, I can lose on the exact same subject by the very next thread posted by people who haven’t been true friends in a long time, if ever. I want to make a conscious decision to step down, out of the virtual bubble that defeats me, and into the real life that beckons joy and peace.
7:43PM ( 5 months ago )