Tuesday October 26th, 2021 8:43AM
244 days til Summer
I have an 8-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a “watches-Frozen-every-day” year old.
9:48PM ( 5 days ago )
Celebrating 15 years of marriage
This celebration isn’t of the day we said our vows, but all the days after that we didn’t kill each other.
9:08PM ( 1 week ago )
Music helps me remember
The saddest part of not remembering is the things I have forgotten. Sometimes I wish I could remember crucial details, loved one’s voices, or childhood memories. Yet, somehow, through the beautiful, magical power of music, I can remember things I’ve lost and forgotten.
9:09PM ( 3 weeks ago )
That Darn Cat
So… exactly how LONG SHOULD a family pet go without a name?
6:45PM ( 4 weeks ago )
Being a boy mom
Not sure if you have noticed, but just about EVERY Disney movie has a strong, female character – "Frozen," "Mulan," "Ariel," "Raya," "Moana"… the list goes on.
7:17PM ( 1 month ago )
Behind the perfect family photos
Social media has so many wonderful charms – staying connected to old friends, seeing my memories from many years ago, keeping up with Mrs. Marshall’s cute grandkids. But there’s a subtle demon that sneaks its grimy fingers out of various-shaped screens to wrap around the hearts of all who are not careful. Admittedly, there’s more than one demon, but the one I am naming today is, “Their-Life-Is-Better.”
2:00PM ( 7 months ago )
Spring: Finally moving and looking forward
The thing I struggle to know how to put into words is all the feelings I have at the one-year mark of this crazy thing we have called “corona,” “COVID-19,” “pandemic,” and “new normal.” One year. ONE. LONG. YEAR.
7:20PM ( 7 months ago )
The one where I got old
Clearly, without any warning at all, I am aging. My wrinkles are getting deeper and my knees now creak when I go up and down the stairs.
7:11PM ( 8 months ago )