Thursday January 27th, 2022 9:58PM
How Media Bias Helps NO ONE
It is Election Night, Tuesday, November 7, 2000, and my first election providing live on-air analysis.
9:00AM ( 2 days ago )
We ALL Deserve Better
I want EVERY U.S. President to be successful.
10:00AM ( 1 week ago )
Map Maker, Map Maker...Build Me a Map
It is going to be a looonnnggggg Election year.
9:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Fan or Fanatic
10:00AM ( 3 weeks ago )
Not JUST Johnny
Genuine humility, good humor, civility, and kindness can all serve you well in public life.
9:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Watch Out for Watkinsville
Georgia has well over 500 municipalities.
9:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Covid19 - The Next Round
9:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Et Tu Perdue?
When discussing the birth and foundations of the modern Georgia Republican Party, names like State Senator Bob Bell, Paul Coverdell, and Johnny Isakson come to mind.
9:00AM ( 1 month ago )