Wednesday July 17th, 2019 6:38AM
Bo's Musings: The outdoor, collapsable sports wagons and portable speakers
I made the trip down to Peachtree City last weekend — on two and one-half hours of sleep, mind you — to watch my daughter play softball.
12:05PM ( 4 months ago )
Bo's Musings: The mystery of the overflowing trash can
It’s been brought to my attention my inability to take the garbage out at home.
2:15PM ( 5 months ago )
Bo's Musings: My trip to the MLS Cup; soccer fans are passionate
When it comes to soccer or fútbol, I’m like the guy in the 1993 Pace Picante Sauce commercial. You know, where they say the knock-off salsa is made in New York City, and he says New York City!
10:17PM ( 7 months ago )
Bo's Musings: SEC title blunder, CFP, Tech's hire and the Lady Red Elephants
At the request of Mr. Maine, I’m writing a blog. It’s a blog about, oh, I don’t know, something maybe. Nah, only kidding I assure you some type of substance to my ramblings.
2:29PM ( 7 months ago )