Thursday October 28th, 2021 3:27AM
A Man for All People
James "Bimbo" Brewer's passing signals the end of an important kind of radio in north Georgia
11:17AM ( 4 years ago )
A Christmas Postcard From Me to You ...
Whether you're wearing your Santa hat everywhere, or weeping under the mistletoe, some holiday perspective from a 260 lb. elf!
12:20PM ( 4 years ago )
The iPhone 7 ... with less than ever before!
Has Apple finally jumped the shark?
12:55PM ( 5 years ago )
Nifty, Nifty, Nifty! Star Trek is 50!
The starship Enterprise celebrates its 50th birthday. Here's why we should care!
2:06PM ( 5 years ago )
It's the 50th Anniversary of the best of television! Prove me wrong!
Can ANY television season compare with 1966-67 in terms of classic television?
1:49PM ( 5 years ago )
They’re closing the door on 3G!
The sorry state of the comic strip ...
2:44PM ( 5 years ago )
On the Rerun ... "My Favorite Martian"
In the first of a recurring series, your humble blogger spotlights some of the forgotten classics from the early days of television ...
10:50AM ( 6 years ago )
The Gainesville Zoo ...
Around my apartment, these days, there exist at least a dozen furry legs too many! But then again ...
2:06PM ( 6 years ago )