Tuesday February 7th, 2023 7:36AM

Bill Maine

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Bill Maine oversees all operations at Jacobs Media and hosts the "WDUN Morning Show with Bill Maine," weekdays 5:30-9 a.m. When not on the radio, you'll find him water skiing on Lanier, running, or smoking ribs on his Green Egg. Bill has been a part of Jacobs Media since 1980. Bill is addicted to peanut M&M's with no desire to reform. Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @BillMaine
Bill Maine
LISTEN: How I See It: A Personal and Historical View of Disability
According to the C.D.C, 61 million adults in the U.S. live with some kind of disability. What do you do when you are one of those? Penny Mishkin M.S. is one of those and she joined us on Maine Street to talk about she didn't let it keep her from becoming a successful Occupational Therapist.
9:34AM ( 5 days ago )
LISTEN: Hope For Hall
All children love playgrounds, but not all playgrounds are inclusive. Caroline Filchak and Halley Bower are out to change that with Hope For Hall. They joined us on Maine Street to share their play to provide inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities can have a place to play.
11:13AM ( 6 days ago )
LISTEN: Not-So-Common Cents
"Not-So-Common Cents" is a new Nat Geo book that helps children learn about money. Co-authors Sarah Wassner Flynn and Alvin Hall stopped by Maine Street to share what's in the book and why they wrote it.
10:37AM ( 6 days ago )
LISTEN: Police Chief talks about homeless situation in Gainesville
Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish spent time with us on Maine Street to talk about the homeless situation in Gainesville. Chief Parrish says this is a challenge that takes the entire community to address.
10:32AM ( 6 days ago )
LISTEN: What does it mean when you food is labeled "organic"?
Organic farmer and founder of Profound Foods, Jeff Bednar, stopped by Maine Street to talk about what it means when you buy something labeled "organic." Bednar also talked about USDA changes to organic labeling.
10:20AM ( 6 days ago )
LISTEN: Quiet hiring: an opportunity to move up
We've heard of quiet quitting. Now comes quiet hiring. Workplace expert Chris Westfall joined us on Maine Street to talk about how this can be a benefit to both employee and employer.
9:55AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Pets get cancer too, part one
Dr. Marie Lance of Lance Animal Hospital talks about the different types of cancers that can affect our pets. Be sure to listen to part two for treatment options.
9:37AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Treating cancer in pets
Dr. Marie Lance of Lance Animal Hospital followed up our talk of the type of cancers that can affect our pets with a discussion of treatment options.
9:30AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: A political insider's look at the vote for Speaker of the House
AJC Political Insider Tia Mitchell was on the floor for all fifteen votes for Speaker of the House and shared her observations and thoughts on the process and the upcoming session.
11:25AM ( 4 weeks ago )
LISTEN: 9th District Rep. Andrew Clyde on electing new speaker
Ninth District Congressman Andrew Clyde joined Martha to talk about the selection of a new Speaker of the House and what we can expect from this session of Congress.
11:18AM ( 4 weeks ago )