Monday June 27th, 2022 8:34AM

Bill Maine

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Bill Maine oversees all operations at Jacobs Media and hosts the "WDUN Morning Show with Bill Maine," weekdays 5:30-9 a.m. When not on the radio, you'll find him water skiing on Lanier, running, or smoking ribs on his Green Egg. Bill has been a part of Jacobs Media since 1980. Bill is addicted to peanut M&M's with no desire to reform. Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @BillMaine
Bill Maine
LISTEN: Helping your pets handle the heat
Hot weather isn't only a challenge for people. Our pets suffer as well when things begins to swelter. During here visit on Maine Street, Dr. Marie Lance shared information on making sure you pets weather the heat.
9:43AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: The lake lifecycle
Most of the time when we think about our lakes, water supply and recreation are the top two things that come to mind. Rarely do we consider how they came to be or that they can eventually die. Dr. John Richard Saylor has and stopped by Maine Street to talk about the findings in his book "Lakes: Their Birth, Life and Death."
9:23AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Good TV found: Going Home
Cynthia Geary became known to television viewers as Shelly on "Northern Exposure." Cynthia checked in with Mornings on Maine Street to talk about her new venture "Going Home" in which she plays a hospice nurse. Check out the interview and stream the series on Pure Flix.
10:46AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Going from the orphanage to the boardroom on the road less traveled
Ed Hajim was kidnapped at age three by his father and told his mother was dead, even though she wasn't. Not a get way to start a life. But Ed has proven that where you start doesn't always determine your destination even on the road less traveled. Ed visited Maine Street to share stories of his life and his love of mentoring found in his book "On the Road Less Traveled."
10:41AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: How listening can save a life
Christine Miles is an expert when it comes to the skill of listening. That's a skill that could save lives of those battling mental health issues. She outlines ways we can all be better listeners and in turn build better relationships in her book "What Is It Costing You Not To Listen?"
4:00PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: How to ease the pain at the pump
Gas prices are up and the pain at the pump is causing many to wonder if there is anything that can be done. Energy expert Scott Angelle says there are definite steps that can be taken to make us less dependent on foreign oil while bringing the prices to a more affordable level.
3:58PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Travel to the time Nazi saboteurs landed in New York via "Track 61"
It was June 13, 1942 when a group of Nazi saboteurs landed in Amagansett, New York. That's the fact that serves as the backdrop for Eve Karlin's "Track 61." Karlin visited Maine Street to talk about this little-known event in WWII history.
3:52PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: December '41
William Martin's research for his novel "December '41" helped him create a backdrop so real that his fiction becomes plausible. Martin visited Maine Street to talk about what inspired him to set a story in the weeks following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
2:43PM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: The hunt for a KGB spy at the top of the CIA
At the end of the Cold War, three Americans were caught for spying for the KGB. It is widely believed there was another. Robert Baer chronicles this on-going hunt in his book "The Fourth Man." In his visit on Maine Street, Baer said the FBI is closing in on the culprit.
9:50AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Keys to happiness from Chicken Soup for the Soul's editor-in-chief
After reading hundreds of stories in her role as Chicken Soup for the Soul's editor-in-chief, Amy Newmark shared some great advice from their latest book "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Your 20 Keys to Happiness."
9:53AM ( 2 weeks ago )