Thursday October 29th, 2020 4:46AM

Bill Maine

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Bill Maine oversees all operations at Jacobs Media and hosts the "WDUN Morning Show with Bill Maine," weekdays 5:30-9 a.m. When not on the radio, you'll find him water skiing on Lanier, running, or smoking ribs on his Green Egg. Bill has been a part of Jacobs Media since 1980. Bill is addicted to peanut M&M's with no desire to reform. Email: bill.maine@jacobsmedia.net. Twitter: @BillMaine
Bill Maine
Beachy keen
Some people visit the beach. Others invade it. Either way, the people watching is always entertaining.
6:59PM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Local author Renee Propes talks "Duplicity"
When Teddy Williams met his future wife while in college, he couldn't have imagined one day she would try to kill his family. "Duplicity, A story of Deadly Intent" is the first novel from local author Renee Propes.
9:28AM ( 1 month ago )
A mini meandering
If it is the small things that really matter, then I'm going to be just fine.
4:17PM ( 1 month ago )
Competition is good
Democrats in Georgia are making headway across the state. I stated on Morningtalk this morning that I’m happy about it because I love competition. I believe conservative ideas are better and ultimately if you are comparing one agenda to the other, conservatives and Republicans will win. So I’m not afraid of competition. But we have to be able to talk to each other. It’s time we started talking to each other even though we might vote differently.
4:06PM ( 1 month ago )
Thank you, Sanitation Santa
Wait until the guys see this! It'll set off a round of bin envy.
1:11PM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Major: A Soldier Dog
The U.S. military recruited dogs to serve during World War II. Families were asked to "enlist" their dogs for service in the newly formed canine unit. Trevor Jones tells the true story of one such recruit in "Major: A Soldier Dog."
10:10AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Wendy Holden and "The Royal Governess"
Wendy Holden dropped by Maine Street to talk about her new book "The Royal Governess: A Novel of Queen Elizabeth II's Childhood".
10:03AM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Former Navy Seal Justin Sheffield
Former Navy Seal Justin Sheffield talks with Bill Maine of Morning's on Maine Street about his book "MOB VI: A Seal Team Six Operator's Battles in the Fight for Good over Evil." Sheffield also talks about his non-profit designed to help veterans adjust to life after service called All Eagles Oscar.
12:04PM ( 2 months ago )
LISTEN: Former secretary to President Trump Madeleine Westerhout
The former "gatekeeper" to President Trump, Madeleine Westerhout, spent time on Maine Street with Bill Maine talking about her new book "Off the Record: My Dream Job a the White House, How I :Lost It and What I Learned."
11:47AM ( 2 months ago )
Buying and selling a hole in the water
Navigating Lake Lanier is one thing. Navigating the sale or purchase of a boat is another matter entirely. The former can be solved by purchasing a map.. Solving the latter takes a bit of savvy.
5:44AM ( 2 months ago )