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The Associated Press
ESPN+ to offer 4 streaming feeds in new PGA Tour deal
A new year means the start of the PGA Tour's new media rights deal
12:51PM ( 5 months ago )
Suburb's mayor moves to condo before deciding on demolition
The incoming mayor of an Atlanta suburb is moving into a deteriorating condominium complex before deciding whether the city should demolish it
12:44PM ( 5 months ago )
Tattoo artist anger over new EU rules goes beyond skin deep
The European Union is imposing restrictions on the inks that tattoo artists can use as of Wednesday
12:24PM ( 5 months ago )
‘Our time now’: 1st Cambodian American mayor in US sworn in
A refugee who survived the Khmer Rouge’s brutal regime has become the first Cambodian American mayor in the United States
12:17PM ( 5 months ago )
US takes custody of suspect in Haitian president slaying
U.S. authorities have taken custody of a main suspect in the killing of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse
12:15PM ( 5 months ago )
Washington to reveal new name on Feb. 2; won't be RedWolves
Washington's NFL team says it will unveil its new name on Feb. 2
11:59AM ( 5 months ago )
Column: New year starts with a familiar question about Woods
A new year in golf brings several questions that will take time to sort out
11:54AM ( 5 months ago )
French presidential contenders adapt campaign to pandemic
The conservative candidate in France's presidential race says she will adapt her campaign to coronavirus conditions, focusing on social media and staging small gatherings with voters instead of big rallies
11:38AM ( 5 months ago )
1st woman to command USS Constitution, aka Old Ironsides
A woman is taking over as the U.S.S
11:16AM ( 5 months ago )
Anti-coup protests in Sudan amid turmoil after PM resigns
Sudanese have flooded the streets in the capital of Khartoum and other cities in anti-coup protests as the country plunges further into turmoil following the prime minister's resignation earlier this week
11:00AM ( 5 months ago )