Friday September 30th, 2022 9:02AM

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The Associated Press
Putin accuses the West of sabotaging Baltic Sea pipelines
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of sabotaging the Russia-built gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea to Germany
8:57AM ( 4 minutes ago )
Thai court rules PM can stay, did not exceed term limit
Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ruled that Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha can remain in his job and did not violate a constitutional provision limiting him to eight years in office
8:54AM ( 7 minutes ago )
Methane blast in Baltic Sea highlights global problem
As serious as the methane escaping from ruptured pipelines on the floor of the Baltic Sea may be, there are alarming incidents of massive methane releases happening around the world constantly
8:50AM ( 12 minutes ago )
Gunfire heard in Burkina Faso, sparking coup fears
Residents in the capital of Burkina Faso say gunfire rang out early in the morning and the state broadcaster has gone off the air, fueling fears that another coup is underway
8:49AM ( 12 minutes ago )
East Timor's Catholics rally behind accused Nobel bishop
East Timor’s Catholics have reacted with shock but also expressions of support for revered independence icon and Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo following allegations he sexually abused boys decades ago in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation
8:46AM ( 16 minutes ago )
Putin: Russia will use all means to guard annexed regions
Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched the process of annexing parts of Ukraine by saying he would sign laws to absorb them and protect the newly incorporated regions using “all available means.”
8:45AM ( 17 minutes ago )
Huge blasts preceded methane pipeline leaks in Baltic Sea
The explosions that rocked natural gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea ahead of huge methane leaks “probably corresponded to an explosive load of several hundred kilos (pounds),” Denmark and Sweden wrote Friday in a letter to the United Nations
8:41AM ( 21 minutes ago )
EXPLAINER: A deep dive into risks for undersea cables, pipes
Deep under water, the pipes and cables that carry the modern world’s lifeblood — energy and information — are out of sight and largely out of mind
8:38AM ( 24 minutes ago )
Jackson set to make Supreme Court debut in brief ceremony
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is making her first appearance on the Supreme Court bench in a brief courtroom ceremony three days ahead of the start of the high court’s new term
8:37AM ( 24 minutes ago )
Resilient US consumers spend slightly more in August
Consumers spent a bit more in August than the previous month, a sign the economy is holding up even as inflation lifts prices for food, rent, and other essentials
8:36AM ( 26 minutes ago )