Friday January 17th, 2020 8:35AM

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The Associated Press
AP Exclusive: AT&T under pressure to defy Maduro's censors
Venezuela’s opposition together with the Trump administration is looking to recruit AT&T in its fight to oust Nicolás Maduro
8:06AM ( 28 minutes ago )
Ukrainian prime minister submits resignation after tapes
Ukraine's prime minister says he has submitted his resignation, days after he was caught on tape saying the country's president knows nothing about the economy
8:01AM ( 33 minutes ago )
Libya's rival military commander seeks support in Greece
The commander of anti-government forces in war-torn Libya is visiting Athens ahead of a weekend summit on Libya in Berlin, in a bid to counter Turkey's support for his opponents
7:56AM ( 38 minutes ago )
Global stocks inspired by US rally, hopes for Chinese growth
Global stock markets are up, seemingly buoyed by high spirits on Wall Street this week
7:53AM ( 41 minutes ago )
'Days of God': A look at Iran's mounting crises
Iran's supreme leader says his nation is living through “days of God
7:50AM ( 44 minutes ago )
Iran's top leader strikes defiant tone amid month of turmoil
Iran's supreme leader has lashed out at Western countries as he led Friday prayers in Tehran for the first time in eight years
7:48AM ( 46 minutes ago )
Locust outbreak, most serious in 25 years, hits East Africa
The most serious outbreak of desert locusts in 25 years is spreading across East Africa and threatening food security in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries
7:31AM ( 1 hour ago )
Paris Louvre museum closed amid strikes over pension plans
Paris' Louvre museum is closed as protesters blocked the entrance to denounce the French government's plans to overhaul the pension system
7:23AM ( 1 hour ago )
Zimbabwe gripped by drama of vice president's nasty divorce
Black magic, drug addiction, attempted murder and wrestling over luxury cars and overseas properties
7:15AM ( 1 hour ago )
Driver pleads guilty in Georgia crash that killed two men
A driver has pleaded guilty to multiple charges in a 2017 crash that killed two men
7:08AM ( 1 hour ago )