Sunday June 16th, 2024 11:18PM

City of Gainesville introduces Gainesville Police Foundation

By Logan Landers Anchor/Reporter

The City of Gainesville recently announced the creation of the Gainesville Police Foundation Inc. which allows those interested to keep their tax dollars at home by redirecting funds to the Gainesville Police Department rather than being sent to the Georgia Department of Revenue for distribution.

The Law Enforcement Strategic Support Act provides for tax credits for certain contributions made by taxpayers to certain local law enforcement foundations.

“Whatever funds the Gainesville Police Department receives will be directed toward training opportunities, education for police officers, equipment and school safety initiatives, and used to support GPD’s mental health clinician program,” Parrish said. “This will help ensure GPD has the best resources possible for the benefit of the Gainesville, Georgia community.” “The Gainesville Police Foundation is a bonified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you prefer to make a donation rather than applying for the dollar-for-dollar tax credit, your donation would be tax-deductible and very appreciated,” Parrish said. “Giving letters will be mailed to donors each year in January.”

The program allows single filers to claim up to $5,000 dollars, married couples, S corporations and partnerships up to $10,000 dollars and qualified C corporations up to 75 percent of their state tax liability up to $3 million dollars per calendar year.

The state cap is $75 million dollars per calendar year.

Donors do not have to reside in the same city or county they’re selecting their credit to go to however, they are required to fulfill their payment commitment within 60 days or by the last day of the year.

They may be made as early as Jan. 1.

“Thank you for taking the time and interest to not only support the Gainesville Police Department, but to keep your hard-earned tax dollars right here in Gainesville, Georgia, where they can be used to keep Gainesville-Hall County the safe place we want to live and raise our families,” Parrish said.

To learn more about the foundation please visit this link.

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