Sunday July 14th, 2024 10:28PM

Representative Mike Collins’ hypersonic amendment signed by President Biden

By Hamilton Keener Anchor / Reporter

Georgia Rep. Mike Collins released a statement Friday after his amendment to make way for commercial hypersonic travel was signed into law by President Biden as part of H.R. 3935, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024.

"As hypersonic manufacturers work to make high-speed, high-altitude passenger travel a reality, the FAA must think ahead and be ready to certify and integrate these new aircraft into our national airspace," Rep. Collins said. "I am proud that the enactment of my amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill clears the runway for the arrival of commercial hypersonic aircraft, and I look forward to continuing to advocate for policies that encourage innovation."

A press release from Collins’ office said the U.S. is in a race with Russia and China to lead the new field of hypersonic aviation. 

One of the challenges facing hypersonic manufacturers is that the FAA has yet to implement a policy framework for the incorporation of commercial hypersonic aircraft into the national airspace system.

Rep. Collins’ amendment requires the FAA to study and create that framework. 

It also requires the FAA to work with NASA to determine the altitude at which sonic booms caused by hypersonic aircraft are inaudible on the ground and then authorize flights at or above that level.

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