Saturday May 25th, 2024 11:23AM

London police contain 2 horses that were on the loose in the city. It's still a mystery as to why

By The Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — London police have contained two horses that were seen running around loose without riders in the heart of the U.K. capital on Wednesday morning.

City of London police said officers were waiting for a horse box from the British Army to collect the animals and take them to a veterinarian.

Images of the two horses, one of which is black the other white and which were wearing saddles and bridles, were circulating across social media. The front of the white horse was covered in red. It wasn't immediately clear if it was blood or red dye, or who the horses belonged to.

They were seen running in the road near Aldwych, which is in between London’s historic financial center and the West End, the hub of the capital’s entertainment industry.

Police officers contained the horses about 4 miles (6 kilometers) east of central London, near Limehouse.

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