Wednesday April 17th, 2024 8:20AM

Lumpkin County now offers Text-To-911

By Hamilton Keener Anchor / Reporter

The Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office and Lumpkin 911 recently announced that Text-To-911 is now live. 

Lumpkin County Sherrif Stacy Jarrard said they implemented the service to save lives but calling 911 is still the fastest and most reliable way to get help. 

“It is highly recommended for an emergency situation where it's either low cell service,” Jarrard said. “Or you feel you're in harm's way because maybe a suspect is close by and  you don't want them to know that you're calling.”

The sheriff's office asks residents to reserve Text-To-911 for these circumstances:

1) Those who need us but fear speaking out loud will put them at risk of discovery or risk of harm during ongoing, dangerous incidents – active shooter, domestic violence, home invasion, ongoing robbery, kidnapping, hostage scenario, other similar;

2) Those who physically cannot speak/hear – such as one in the process of suffering a stroke or similar debilitating medical event; those coping with pre-existing speaking/hearing difficulties (hard of hearing), deafness, etc.

3) Those experiencing any actual emergency requiring FIRE, EMS, or LAW ENFORCEMENT – and whose means of contacting 911 is a wireless mobile phone WHICH HAS INSUFFICIENT SIGNAL STRENGTH OR INSUFFICIENT REMAINING BATTERY CHARGE, possibly, to complete a voice phone call – but does have sufficient signal/charge to complete a data text.

Jarrard said they made the move to broaden the capabilities of their 911 services.

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