Wednesday April 17th, 2024 8:39AM

Hackensack University Medical Center to perform live surgery for South Gwinnett students

By Lawson Smith Anchor/Reporter
Hackensack University Medical Center will provide South Gwinnett High School students with the chance to watch a live laparoscopic surgery. 
Performed by Dr. Michael Stifelman and his team, the live demonstration is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. 
During the surgery, students enrolled in the school’s STEM and Academy programs focusing on healthcare pathways will observe the surgery virtually and engage in a live question-and-answer session with Dr. Stifelman and his team.
“Empowering future healthcare practitioners requires more than classroom knowledge; it demands first-hand exposure to real-time environments,” South Gwinnett High School Principal Rodney Jordan said. “Our commitment to excellence is realized through groundbreaking initiatives like live surgeries, providing students with an immersive experience that not only hones essential skills but propels them into the forefront of 21st-century healthcare. This pivotal step reaffirms our dedication to cutting-edge education, ensuring our students meet and exceed the evolving demands of the dynamic healthcare landscape.”
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