Tuesday March 5th, 2024 9:37AM

The Border Discussion We Ought to Be Having

By Martha Zoller Host, Morning Talk

We’ve been having this border discussion for a long time. President Biden is trying to deflect responsibility to Republicans and specifically, former President Trump on the border fiasco that he started. He doesn’t need new laws or more power to undo what he did. In my neck of the woods, we’ve been dealing with illegal immigration for 30 years.

President Obama rarely talked about immigration but under his administration if there were more than 1000 illegal crossings a day, there were meetings and actions taken. President Trump got the border crossings to almost nothing and reunified all but around 500 children with their rightful relatives. The sad thing is the relatives that were contacted on the last 500 or so, didn’t want them.

The lie that was “kids in cages” for both of these administrations had to do with border patrol trying to identify whether the children with no ID were actually related to the adults they were travelling with. 21st Century sex and labor trafficking is happening in this country because of all the children and young adults admitted with adults who want to do them harm.

I set all this up to ask this question of President Biden. President Obama and President Trump did an infinitely better than you at securing the border with exactly the same laws on the books and since we can’t pass a budget on time the CRs ensure that there is plenty of money in the budget. We are spending at more than Covid levels after Covid. Money is not the problem. Why can’t you secure the border? The answer—you don’t want to.

So Congress, demand the President do his job and then get around the table and secure the border, come up with a plan to deport the 8 million plus who shouldn’t be here and reform legal immigration. We immigrate legally into this country more people than the rest of the world combined, we are not anti-immigrant.

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