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Gainesville City School Board swears in two new board members

By Christian Ashliman Anchor/Reporter

The Gainesville City School Board Tuesday evening swore in two new board members, Steven Pettit and Stacy Young.

Steven Pettit will represent District 5 while Stacy Young will be the board member for District 3 within the Gainesville City School System, according to officials.

District 5 covers areas of northwest Gainesville, stretching down toward the southern end of the city. District 3 covers large swathes of the eastern part of the city, running south as well.

Both Pettit and Young ran unopposed during the 2023 election cycle, according to documents provided by the city.

“I've been in Gainesville my whole life,” Pettit said. “My dad was a coach at Gainesville. So I grew up in the stands, attending sporting events and went to Gainesville Middle School and high school. And then I've been fortunate enough to come back here and be a part of the school system. My wife has worked in it for 16 years. And our kids are in the system at Gainesville, Middle School and Centennial. I just think it's a great opportunity to be able to give back to the community, and it served me so well for most of my life. I'm very passionate about kids in general.”

“I'm all about making an impact, want to make a difference, want to be seen, want to be heard and make sure that we're doing right by everyone,” Young said. “As a proud member of the community, growing up through the system, being taught, being raised — all of the above — I am a true representation of a Red Elephant.”

The Gainesville City School Board also re-swore in incumbent Kristopher Nordholz, who represents District 2.

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