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Carrick opens Chili Bowl with Monday night victory

By Bryan Hulbert

TULSA, Okla. - Opening the 38th annual Chili Bowl Nationals with a bang, California’s Tanner Carrick held off the many challenges of Shane Golobic to win Monday’s Cummins Qualifying Night at Oklahoma’s Tulsa Expo Raceway.

It marked the second Monday opening win for Carrick in the Midget , who started the 30 lap feature form the fourth position, while Cannon McIntosh took the lead from the start.

“It was me just finding the racetrack and getting up where I needed to be,” Carrick said. “The car was there the whole time. I just made a couple of mistakes the first three or four laps, and I fell back to like fifth and were almost racing for sixth at one point, but once I got to the top and the track cleared up, I just got some momentum going.”

After moving into the second position on lap 5, Carrick began closing the gap on the lead before a caution on lap 10. A second caution flew two laps later, again slowing the action. Meanwhile, Shane Golobic served a penalty for advancing before the cone on the previous restart, moving him back to fifth.

Back under green, Goloboc followed as Carrick stalked McIntosh’s every move. Carrick used a slide job to take the top lap from McIntosh on lap 14.

Golobock came back from the earlier penalty to take second place from McIntosh on lap 20. McIntosh made a try for the lead on a lap 24 restart, but Carrick held tough. Carrick went on to score the win and lock himself into Saturday night’s A-Feature.

Golobic came home in second, which locked him into Saturday’s A-Feature as well.

Michael Pickens ended up third, with NASCAR Cup Series regular Chase Briscoe in fourth and Chris Windom in fifth.

McIntosh, Trey Marcham, Joe B. Miller, Nick Hoffman, and Gary Taylor rounded out the top 10.

Earlier in the night, defending Chili Bowl Nationals winner Logan Seavey scored the victory in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Invitational Race of Champions.

Seavey took the lead on lap 12 from Chase Briscoe on lap 12, and went on to record the victory by 2.448 seconds over Tyler Courtney.

Cannon McIntosh followed in third, with Kater Sarff in fourth, and Chase Briscoe in fifth.

Action in the 38th annual Chili Bowl Nationals continues with Tuesday’s Warren CAT Qualifying Night. For more information, visit

Chili Bowl Nationals
Tulsa Expo Raceway – Tulsa, OK
Cummins Qualifying Night – January 8, 2024

1. 98-Tanner Carrick*
2. 17W-Shane Golobic*
3. 59-Michael Pickens
4. 5-Chase Briscoe
5. 89-Chris Windom
6. 71P-Cannon McIntosh
7. 32T-Trey Marcham
8. 51B-Joe B. Miller
9. 2H-Nick Hoffman
10. 32W-Gary Taylor
11. 93-Kyle Bellm
12. 19B-Cole Bodine
13. 7P-Kris Carroll
14. 41X-Howard Moore
15. 8-Alex Sewell
16. 27-Keith Rauch
17. 25-Jacob Denney
18. 55T-Trevor Cline
19. 75-Mario Clouser
20. 9-Emilio Hoover
21. 25K-Taylor Reimer
22. 20G-Noah Gass
23. 2W-AJ Hopkins-DNF
24. 6A-Ricky Lewis-DNF

*Top 2 advance to Saturday’s A-Feature

Chili Bowl Nationals
Tulsa Expo Raceway – Tulsa, OK
O’Reilly Auto Parts Race of Champions – January 8, 2024

1. 39-Logan Seavey
2. 57-Tyler Courtney
3. 71P-Cannon McIntosh
4. 5CB-Karter Sarff
5. 5-Chase Briscoe
6. 88-Tanner Thorson
7. 29S-Hank Davis
8. 1S-Spencer Bayston
9. 41-Corey Day
10. 47X-Zach Daum
11. 58-David Gravel
12. 84-Jesse Love
13. 67K-Brent Crews
14. 19R-Ricky Thornton, Jr.
15. 91K-Kaylee Bryson
16. 1-Sammy Swindell
17. 71-Jade Avedisian
18. 19-Tim McCreadie
19. 2J-Justin Grant
20. 3W-Brandon Waelti

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