Saturday April 13th, 2024 7:17PM

Gainesville metro area seeing cheapest gas prices in Georgia

By Caleb Hutchins Assistant News Director

The Gainesville area is seeing the cheapest gas prices of any metro area in the state of Georgia.

In the latest report by AAA Monday morning, data shows the area averaging $3.01 per gallon for regular. The next cheapest areas are Catoosa-Dade-Walker counties at an average of $3.03 and Rome at an average of $3.06.

Prices remained mostly unchanged throughout the state over the past week. The average price statewide is $3.14, down just a penny from the week before, although it does make five consecutive weeks of declining prices in Georgia.

“Georgia gas price average saw a minimal change at the pumps across the state,” AAA Spokeswoman Montrae Waiters said. “One factor slowing down pump prices is the switch to summer blend gasoline. This blend is designed to lower emissions during the summer and is more expensive to refine.”

The national average price increased by 4 cents from the week before, now at $3.40 per gallon.

By county, the cheapest gas in Georgia is in Catoosa County in Northwest Georgia at an average of $2.98 per gallon. The most expensive is, for the second week in a row, in Taliaferro County in Middle Georgia at $3.51 per gallon.

The average price in Hall County is $3.02.

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