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Region 8-4A All-Region team selections

By AccessWDUN Staff

North Oconee dominated season-ending awards from Region 8-4A. The All-Region team was announced on Monday.

The Titans took home the Player fhe Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special teams Player of the Year, Athlete of the Year, and Coach of the Year honors.

(Selections are made by the region coaches. See the entire 8-4A All-Region team below:)

Region 8-4A All-Region team

Player of the year: QB Max Wilson, North Oconee, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB/QB Camden Smith, Madison County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DB Brooks Thompson, North Oconee, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK/P J.J. Poole, North Oconee, Sr.

Lineman of the year: OL/DL Alex Day, East Forsyth, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Landon Roldan, North Oconee, Jr.

Ironman player of the year: TE/DE Ryan Graves, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

Coach of the year: Tyler Aurandt, North Oconee

First-team offense

QB - Jamarcus Harrison, East Hall, So.

QB - Tanner Marsh, North Hall, Sr.

RB - Emadd Howard, Walnut Grove, Jr.

RB - Conner Hulsey, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

RB - Tripp Morris, East Forsyth, Sr.

RB - Tate Titshaw, North Oconee, Sr.

WR - Devin Hester, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

WR - Chasen Jones, East Hall, So.

WR - Will Moffitt, East Forsyth, Sr.

WR - Ryals Puryear, North Hall, Sr.

TE - Jack Kelly, North Oconee, Sr.

TE - Breckan Kirby, North Hall, Sr.

TE - Luke Waterworth, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Jose Balver, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

OL - Cade Cagle, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Alex Contreras, Chestatee, Sr.

OL - Mitchell Dunlap, East Forsyth, Sr.

OL - Charlie House, North Hall, Jr.

OL - Mason McGill, North Hall, So.

OL - Parker Waldrop, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

OL - Braxton Waller, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Rick Wiggins, East Forsyth, Jr.

OL - Caleb Williford, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Sazo Dolyhigh, Chestatee, Sr.

DL - Carson Dominey, North Oconee, Sr.

DL - D'Lante Overstreet, Walnut Grove, Jr.

DL - Landon Potter, North Hall, Sr.

DL - Jaylan Ransom, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

DL - Nicholas Smith, Walnut Grove, Jr.

ILB - Mack Brice, North Oconee, Sr.

ILB - Cameron Frady, East Forsyth, Sr.

ILB - Connor Griffin, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

ILB - Trey Lenhardt, North Oconee, Sr.

OLB - Jeffrey Bailey, Cedar Shoals, So.

OLB - Khamari Brooks, North Oconee, So.

OLB - Trey Patterson, North Hall, Sr.

OLB - Caysen Goss, Chestatee, Jr.

S - Ty Corbin, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

S - Cole Ferguson, East Forsyth, Sr.

S - Conner Free, North Hall, Sr.

S - Kayden Scott, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

S - Cameron Selman, Walnut Grove, Jr.

CB - Clarens Decelien, East Forsyth, Sr.

CB - Tanaka Mukono, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

CB - Damoni Taylor, North Oconee, Sr.

CB - Jace Williams, Cedar Shoals, Sr.

First-team special teams

PK - Michael Arbour, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

PK - Jackson Andrews, Walnut Grove, So.

RET - Cannon Hunter, East Forsyth, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Brock Szakacs, East Forsyth, Jr.

QB - Asher Wilson, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

RB - Lukas Pruitt, East Hall, So.

RB - Tate Ruth, North Hall, Sr.

RB - Zahkari Shiflet, Madison County, Sr.

WR - Brayden Clark, Madison County, So.

WR - Caden Daniels, East Hall, Jr.

WR - Braylon Jackson, Cherokee Bluff, So.

WR - Kayden Miller, Walnut Grove, Jr.

TE - Wyatt Morris, Madison County, Sr.

TE - Jack Moss, Walnut Grove, So.

TE - Jackson Norman, East Forsyth, So.

OL - Nate Brazier, Chestatee, Sr.

OL - Brenden Carlson, Chestatee, So.

OL - Brady Collier, Madison County, Jr.

OL - Noah Davis, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

OL - Kade Hawthorne, North Hall, So.

OL - Will Huntsinger, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Jake Jones, East Hall, Sr.

OL - Cam McCullers, North Oconee, Sr.

OL - Danaeiz Samaniego, Walnut Grove, Jr.

OL - Walker Simmons, Madison County, Sr.

OL - Justin Smith, Madison County, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Matthew Arceo, North Hall, So.

DL - Aaron Brock, East Hall, Jr.

DL - Jack Hamilton, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

DL - Azyon Morrison, East Hall, Jr.

DL - Nathan Richardson, Cherokee Bluff, Sr.

ILB - Parker Carlton, North Hall, So.

ILB - Bryson Drake, Madison County, Sr.

ILB - Zeke Harris, North Hall, Sr.

ILB - Troy Hoover, East Forsyth, Jr.

ILB - Ben Plemmons, Chestatee, So.

OLB - Rylan Ackerman, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

OLB - Zach Esters, Madison County, Sr.

OLB - Jerimiah Foote, East Forsyth, Jr.

OLB - Jake Moss, Walnut Grove, So.

OLB - Garrett Smith, Madison County, Fr.

S - Casen Duggins, Madison County, Sr.

S - Landen Kemp, Cherokee Bluff, Jr.

S - Ely Raines, Chestatee, Sr.

S - Parker Worley, East Hall, Jr.

CB - Charlie Bradshaw, Chestatee, Jr.

CB - Da'Shun Brown, Madison County, So.

CB - Mason Kerrick, North Hall, Sr.

CB - Josh Peart, Walnut Grove, Sr.

Second-team special teams

PK - Daniel Nerey, East Forsyth, Sr.

PK - Parker Dale, North Hall, Sr.

RET - Jayden Hernandez, East Hall, Sr.

All-hard knocks team: (“All-region players that had seasons cut short due to injury”) Delsin Grindle, East Hall; Alex Hamby, North Oconee; Jevon Harrison, East Hall; Gus Martin, East Forsyth; Gage Reese, Chestatee; Justus Robinson, Chestatee; K.T. Thompson, Cherokee Bluff

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