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Smith sweeps USCS finales, Gray takes championship

By Roby Helm

Mark Smith took USCS Sprint Car victories over the weekend at Mississippi’s Hattisburg Speedway and Southern Raceway in Milton, Florida to close out the series season.

Meanwhile, veteran wheelman Terry Gray took home his 15th career series championship with the close of the season.

On Friday night, Mark Smith, of Sanbury, Pennsylvania, held off Danny Smith for the entire distance to score the victory at Hattiesburg Speedway.

Danny Smith finished in second, with Dale Howard in third, Terry Gray in fourth, and Zane DeVault in fifth.

Howard, Lance Moss, and Lane Whittington won their respective heat races, with Danny Smith winning the speed dash.

On Saturday night, Mark Smith swept the weekend by winning the season finale at Southern Raceway.

Max Stambaugh finished in second, with Zane DeVault in third, Terry Gray in fourth, and Lance Moss in fifth.

Shane Morgan, DeVault, and Smith won their respective heat races, with Smith also winning the speed dash.

The fourth place finish for Terry Gray wrapped up the 2023 USCS Sprint Car Series championship for the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee. It marked the 15th career series title for the Bartlett, Tennessee native. En route to the championship, Gray recorded 24 top five finishes on the season, including a victory at Buckshot Speedway in Clanton Alabama.

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USCS Sprint Car Series
Hattiesburg Speedway – Hattiesburg, MS
Race Results – October 20, 2023

1. 43-Mark Smith
2. 4-Danny Smith
3. 47-Dale Howard
4. 10-Terry Gray
5. 6-Zane DeVault
6. 13-Chase Howard
7. 4M-Michael Miller
8. 01-Shane Morgan
9. 71H-Max Stambaugh
10. 41-Luke Hill
11. 28-Jeff Willingham
12. 57-Levi Beard
13. 3-Dennis Misuraca
14. 13X-Jake Brashier
15. 8X-Tony Higgins
16. 56T-D.L. Brashier
17. L37-Scott Craft-DNF
18. D13-Jeffrey Dooley-DNF
19. 23-Lance Moss-DNF
20. 9D-Steve Diamond, Jr.-DNF
21. 28S-Rusty Sanford-DNF
22. 9W-Lane Whittington-DNF
23. 56-Jeff Smith-DNF

USCS Sprint Car Series
Southern Raceway – Milton, FL
Race Results – October 21, 2023

1. 43-Mark Smith
2. 71H-Max Stambaugh
3. 6-Zane DeVault
4. 10-Terry Gray
5. 23-Lance Moss
6. 28-Jeff Willingham
7. 01-Shane Morgan
8. 3-Dennis Misuraca
9. 8X-Tony Higgins
10. 06-Jason Breeland
11. 18-Paul Jones
12. 56T-D.L. Brashier
13. 4-Danny Smith-DNF
14. 4M-Michael Miller-DNF
15. 61-Sean Wimpee-DNF
16. 13X-Jake Brashier-DNF
17. 41-Luke Hill-DNF
18. 9D-Steve Diamond, Jr.-DNF

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