Friday March 1st, 2024 4:50AM

Habersham County set to host ‘Howl-Ween Pawty’ to raise funds for animal care equipment

By Christian Ashliman Anchor/Reporter

Habersham County Animal Control will host a Halloween-themed fundraiser later this month in hopes of gathering enough money to pay for two kitten incubators and other equipment.

The first annual event, dubbed “Howl-Ween Pawty,” is set to take place in Cornelia on Oct. 21 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Fenders Alley. Animal Control officials are hoping to raise enough money to purchase two kitten incubators, along with community spay and neuter vouchers, according to Director Madi Nix.

The overall goal for the event is to raise approximately $7,500.

“We hope to have something for everyone,” Nix said. “Local businesses have been very gracious in the donations they have made. We have tons of fun planned and hope this event is a blast.”

The two incubators will reportedly help neonatal kittens survive.

“Having the tools we need to give babies their best chance makes a world of difference,” Nix said. “The most at-risk population in the shelter is neonatal kittens. Newborns don’t stand a chance. Even with experienced foster moms, it’s a near-impossible task to successfully raise a neonate. Giving our main volunteer bottle baby mommas access to incubators to save lives would mean the world to them, and the babies they work so hard to save. Babies that would otherwise have no chance. Any funds raised over the purchase will go towards supplying spay/neuter vouchers for community pets in need.”

The event at Fenders Alley will include a live music performance by Matthew Sexton, a singer originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who was recently on American Idol. There will also be a silent auction for over 20 hand-crafted baskets from various local businesses, Nix said.

The public is encouraged to wear costumes and there will be prizes given out as part of a costume contest. Fenders Alley is reportedly a pet-friendly venue and there is no entrance or ticket fee to attend.

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