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Quinlan Visual Arts Center unveils Abit and Kayanne Massey Gallery

By Lawson Smith Anchor/Reporter
The Quinlan Visual Arts Center and its Board of Trustees held a gallery naming ceremony Monday evening in dedication of two Gainesville philanthropists. 
The Abit and Kayanne Massey Gallery was officially dedicated Monday. 
“The owners of this name have matched the richness of their gift with a modesty of spirit one has come to expect from these two beloved community members,”  Executive Director Nairika Cornett said during the ceremony. “ …I could go into the litany of Abit and Kayanne Massey's achievements, but I know we each are here because we are aware and grateful for their love of community.”
The gallery was formerly known as the Green Street Gallery. Prior to the Masseys' donation to the organization, it was the only gallery within the visual arts center that did not have a donor's name attached to it. 
Abit shared with WDUN why supporting Quinlan was important to the couple.
“We're honored and pleased and very excited because we've enjoyed coming to Quinlan for many years,” he said. “I think it is one of the things that takes Gainesville above cities of comparable size and many larger cities. It's really a local treasure. And we're excited about its increased emphasis for young people, the art camps and after-school programs.”
The Quinlan Visual Arts Center unveils new exhibits roughly every eight weeks. Currently in the Abit and Kayanne Massey Gallery is the exhibition “A Moment in Time” by artist Patricia Fabian. 
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