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Eddie King, Jr. tops Late Models at Boyd’s Speedway

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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Eddie King, Jr. edged out hometown hero Ronnie Johnson to take home the Late Model victory on Friday night from Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia.

King, who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, started the 25-lap feature from the pole, and went on to record the win at the 3/8-mile clay raceway.

Johnson followed in second, with Eli Beets in third, Robby Mason in fourth, and Justin Owens in fifth.

Brad Berry, Tod Hernandez, Tate McCollum, Justin Cameron, and Trea Miller rounded out the top 10.

In other action, Dylan Perry scored the victory in the 602 Sportsman feature, with Hayden Swaney in second, Jeremy Broome in third,

Cory Bettis was the winner in the B-Hobby feature. Camdon Mayers finished second, followed by Brandon Francis in third, C.B. McKinnon in fourth, and John McDaniel in fifth.

Jeff Smith was the first under the checkered flag to take the 604 Crate feature win. Ethan Hunter, Josh Henry, Addison Cardwell, and Colten Jackson rounded out the top five.

Justin Howard took top honors in the Beginner feature, with Will Hicks second, Daniel Johnston third, Seth Maggard fourth, and Jaykob Hawkins fifth.

Dustin Duncan scored the victory in the Front Wheel Drive feature. Josh Davis followed in second, with Joe Scealf third, Jacob Sharp fourth, and Allen Jones fifth.

Boyd’s Speedway returns to action on Friday, September 23, as the track plays host to the World of Outlaws CASE Late Model Series. For more information, visit

Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
Race Results – September 16, 2022

Late Models
1. 39-Eddie King, Jr.
2. 5-Ronnie Johnson
3. 85-Eli Beets
4. H31-Robby Mason
5. 26-Justin Owens
6. 27-Brad Berry
7. T6-Tod Hernandez
8. 01-Tate McCollum
9. 17J-Justin Cameron
10. 17-Trea Miller
11. 38-Danny Turner
12. H37-Clayton Cooper
13. 21-Joe Noojin
14. 11O-Hayden Ownbey
15. 5N-Tyler Nichols
16. 3C-Carden Cochran
17. 3-Jeremy Hicks
18. 12-Daniel WIlson
19. 10-John Clark
20. M1-Bill Mahan
21. 118-Brodie Sharp
22. 11-T.J. Alford-DNS

602 Sportsman
1. P7-Dylan Perry
2. 52-Hayden Swaney
3. 12B-Jeremy Broome
4. 11J-Jake Raines
5. 70-Davin Cardwell
6. 66-Taylor Cole
7. 44-Elliot Johnson
8. 18-Justin French
9. 10-Dylan Armstrong
10. 10H-Eric Hughes
11. 12-Jack Franklin
12. 426-Dylan Cole
13. 2-Will McConnell
14. 75-Joey Walker
15. 75M-Michael Mims
16. 30-Spencer Singleton
17. 11-John Harrison
18. 35-Alan McMichen
19. 20-Danielle Loner
20. 24-Chris Hough-DNS

1. 6-Cory Bettis
2. 19-Camdon Myers
3. 8-Brandon Francis
4. 73-C.B. McKinnon
5. 49M-John McDaniel
6. 31-Johnny Hughes
7. 42-Jason Brown
8. 11-Sam Ellison-DNS
9. B39-Bryson Hogan-DNS
10. 14-Pete Roberts-DNS

604 Crate
1. 17-Jeff Smith
2. 17J-Ethan Hunter
3. B00-Josh Henry
4. 07A-Addison Cardwell
5. J4-Colten Jackson
6. 629-Landon Gentry
7. 45-Luther Jenkins
8. 1-MItchell Stanley
9. 50-Floyd Tuner
10. 118-Kane Newby
11. 1W-Junior Whitner
12. 14-Johnny Cloer
13. 22T-Tim Clark
14. 1S-Matt Steward
15. 00C-A.J. Carlisi
16. 52-Jason Davis
17. 11-Tim Bounds
18. 87-Andrew Littleton
19. 7-Austin Breedlove
20. 9-Kyle Courtney

1. 09-Justin Howard
2. 15-Will Hicks
3. 7D-Daniel Johnston
4. 18-Seth Maggard
5. 2-Jaykob Hawkins
6. 17B-Andrew Borders
7. 20H-Julia Higgins
8. 47-Kevin Brown
9. 39-Braylon Calhoun

1. 21D-Dustin Duncan
2. 526-Josh Davis
3. S6-Joe Scealf
4. 0-Jacob Sharp
5. 30-Allen Jones
6. 15-Mike Webb
7. S7-Josh Scealf
8. 86-David Pope
9. 84-Donnie Lowe
10. K19-Samuel King
11. 28-Robert Gravitt
12. T21-Tony Carr
13. 99-Lilly Qualls
14. W23-Barry Wallace
15. 106-Kyle Gilbert
16. 6-Jack Gresham
17. D15-Dakota Leffew
18. 33-Jonathan Moses
19. 21-Travis Taylor
20. 99H-Shaun Harper-DNS
21. 7-Zane May-DNS

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