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Graham grabs twin Thursday Thunder Pro wins at AMS

By Dustin Bixby
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HAMPTON, Ga. - The Thursday Thunder racing series resumed for rounds four and five on Thursday night after a cancellation for rain on Wednesday on Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thunder Ring.

For the first time in the 2022 season, the Thunder Ring was expanded to ⅓ of a mile for the WJP Investments Pro double feature. The new track configuration did not disappoint in the division’s first race as Gavin Graham and Landon Rapp battled for the lead.

Graham began the race on the pole, but felt the pressure when Rapp made a move for the lead on the third lap. However, Rapp would have little time to get comfortable as Graham remained right on his bumper for the following five laps. After a move to the inside exiting turn four on lap eight, Graham reclaimed the lead and held on for the remaining laps to win the feature.

The two drivers would have the opportunity to battle it out once again to cap off the night. Graham would prove to be just as successful as he was in the first race, leading for all 15 laps and winning both features.

In the Associates Group Young Lions first feature of the night, Lanie Buice jumped out to an early lead after starting on the pole, and was quickly challenged by Josh Dickens who came from fourth to second in only a few laps. Buice did all she could to hold off Dickens, but ultimately relinquished the lead on lap 11. Dickens would go on to lead the remaining nine laps and drive to victory lane.

The second feature in the division was decided in more dominant fashion, as Dickens started on the pole and led for all 20 laps to earn his second win of the night.

Fr8 Auctions Rookie Bandolero action was kicked off by Wyatt Coffey, who maneuvered through the field and into victory lane after starting the race in fifth position. After starting out front in race number two, Coffey led the first 10 laps. However, after a accident between the first and second place cars, J.T. O’Connor inherited the lead and seized the opportunity, landing him in victory lane for the first time in the series.

The first of two Masters features was dominated by Benjamin Jones after he overcame the pressure of several late race restarts to claim his first win of the series. Later in the night in race number two, Robbie Woodall made a pass for the lead on the first lap and refused to look back, leading every lap and driving to the win.

In the first Chargers feature of the night, pole sitter Kyle Bacon was able to fend off Flowery Branch, Georgia’s Brody Graham for all 15 laps to claim victory. Later in the night Bacon made it two in a row, leading the second feature from flag-to-flag to the win.

The first Bandits feature was dominated by Nicholas Denton, who picked up his first checkered flag of the series. After earning a spot on the pole in the second Bandits feature, Denton led every lap to make it two-for-two on the night.

In other action, Jadyn Daniels was the star of the both Byron Powersports Semi-Pro features, leading all 28 laps to claim her second and third wins of the series. Headlining the Outlaws features, Bryce Sanders drove away from the rest of the field after seizing an early lead in each race to win his first two races of the season in convincing fashion.

Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thursday Thunder Series continues with another doubleheader on Wednesday, June 22, and Thursday, June 23. For more information, visit

Atlanta Motor Speedway – Hampton, GA
Thursday Thunder Rounds 3 & 4 – June 16, 2022

Pro Race 1
1. 00-Gavin Graham
2. 28R-Landon Rapp
3. 17-Cody Hall
4. 77-Sam Cornman
5. 7-Nathan Jackson
6. 32-Jensen Jorgensen
7. 5-Garrett Gumm
8. 24-Cale Hall
9. 1-Graham Campbell
10. 88-Keaton Hendrix
11. 5N-Corey North
12. 3-Taylor Jorgensen

Pro Race 2
1. 00-Gavin Graham
2. 28R-Landon Rapp
3. 5-Garrett Gumm
4. 24-Cale Hall
5. 1-Timothy Watson
6. 5N-Corey North
7. 72-Nick Woodall
8. 7-Nathan Jackson
9. 88-Keaton Hendrix
10. 77-Sam Cornman
11. 32-Jensen Jorgensen
12. 17-Cody Hall
13. 3-Taylor Jorgensen

Young Lions Race 1
1. 20-Josh Dickens
2. 77-George Phillips
3. 24-Lanie Buice
4. 9-Garrett Erwin
5. 22-Gianni Esposito
6. 17-Hudson Bulger
7. 15-Sean McElearney
8. 48-Noah Ryan
9. 4-Lacy Kuehl
10. 08-Clay Hocutt
11. 9R-Jackson Reynolds
12. 8-Cooper Gaul

Young Lions Race 2
1. 20-Josh Dickens
2. 24-Lanie Buice
3. 77-George Phillips
4. 22-Gianni Esposito
5. 4-Lacy Kuehl
6. 9R-Jackson Reynolds
7. 08-Clay Hocutt
8. 48-Noah Ryan
9. 9-Garrett Erwin
10. 8-Cooper Gaul
11. 17-Hudson Bulger
12. 15-Sean McElearney

Semi-Pro Race 1
1. 24-Jadyn Daniels
2. 41-Michael Gannon
3. 51-Donovan Strauss
4. 2-Jarrett Wagman
5. 28-Carson Brown
6. 5X-Jesse Martinez
7. 44-Oliver Dibble
8. 26-Dawson Sutton
9. 17-Mason Lastra
10. 1T-Jason Treschl
11. 24Y-Luke Yarbrough
12. 7-Jonathan Taylor
13. 73-Ian Hampton
14. 1W-Stuart Wilkerson
15. 30-Trey Tadrzak
16. 75-Amanda Woodall
17. 27-Brian Cosier

Semi-Pro Race 2
1. 24-Jadyn Daniels
2. 5X-Jesse Martinez
3. 1T-Jason Treschl
4. 73-Ian Hampton
5. 7-Jonathan Taylor
6. 1W-Stuart Wilkerson
7. 2-Jarrett Wagman
8. 75-Amanda Woodall
9. 26-Dawson Sutton
10. 28-Carson Brown
11. 44-Oliver Dibble
12. 30-Trey Tadrzak
13. 41-Michael Gannon
14. 24Y-Luke Yarbrough
15. 17-Mason Lastra
16. 27-Brian Cosier
17. 51-Donovan Strauss (BF)

Masters Race 1
1. 10-Benjamin Jones
2. 72W-Robbie Woodall
3. 15-Bill Plemons, Jr.
4. 5-Ronnie Wehunt
5. 14-Mark Swan
6. 37-Phillip Young
7. 3-James Wade
8. 75-Corey Chrisafulli

Masters Race 2
1. 72W-Robbie Woodall
2. 10-Benjamin Jones
3. 15-Bill Plemons, Jr.
4. 37-Phillip Young
5. 14-Mark Swan
6. 5-Ronnie Wehunt
7. 75-Corey Chrisafulli
8. 3-James Wade

Bandits Race 1
1. 46-Nicholas Denton
2. 46C-Lane Christensen
3. 23-Beckham Malone
4. 24-Austin Bloodworth
5. 31-Darren Krantz, Jr.
6. 62-Dylan Bongiovanni
7. 37-Carson Cauble
8. 38-Billy Lee
9. 7-Makenna Kendrew

Bandits Race 2
1. 46-Nicholas Denton
2. 62-Dylan Bongiovanni
3. 46C-Lane Christensen
4. 31-Darren Krantz, Jr.
5. 24-Austin Bloodworth
6. 37-Carson Cauble
7. 38-Billy Lee
8. 7-Makenna Kendrew
9. 23-Beckham Malone

Rookie Bandoleros Race 1
1. 2-Wyatt Coffey
2. 37-Wyatt Youngblood
3. 3C-J.T. O’Connor
4. 87-Briella Rudolph
5. 69-Matt Hodges
6. 9S-Carson Sherman
7. 95-Javier Soto
8. 12-Kendall Stevens
9. 9-Luke Young
10. 1J-James Behnke
11. 7-Paxton Sanders

Rookie Bandoleros Race 2
1. 3C-J.T. O’Connor
2. 2-Wyatt Coffey
3. 95-Javier Soto
4. 69-Matt Hodges
5. 37-Wyatt Youngblood
6. 1J-James Behnke
7. 9S-Carson Sherman
8. 12-Kendall Stevens
9. 7-Paxton Sanders
10. 9-Luke Young
DQ: 87-Briella Rudolph

Outlaws Race 1
1. 15-Bryce Sanders
2. 79-Neal Dulin
3. 38-Emma Britt
4. 4-Mitchell Flater
5. 48-Kyle Bacon
6. 99-Baylor O’Neil
7. 8-Carter Erickson
8. 28C-Conner Butler
9. 00-Katelyn Hicks
10. 27-Kayli Kade
11. 01-Sebastain Asztalos

Outlaws Race 2
1. 15-Bryce Sanders
2. 38-Emma Britt
3. 79-Neal Dulin
4. 48-Kyle Bacon
5. 4-Mitchell Flater
6. 99-Baylor O’Neil
7. 8-Carter Erickson
8. 28C-Conner Butler
9. 00-Katelyn Hicks
10. 01-Sebastain Asztalos
11. 27-Kayli Kade

Chargers Race 1
1. 48-Kyle Bacon
2. 55-Brody Graham
3. 54-David Anderson
4. 97-CJ Almond
5. 9-Abi Johnson
6. 3-Emily Arenas
7. 20-Evan McKnight
8. 316-Coleman Moody
9. 7-Lisa Young
10. 5-Jack Moon

Chargers Race 2
1. 48-Kyle Bacon
2. 97-CJ Almond
3. 55-Brody Graham
4. 3-Emily Arenas
5. 9-Abi Johnson
6. 54-David Anderson
7. 316-Coleman Moody
8. 7-Lisa Young
9. 5-Jack Moon

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