Sunday February 5th, 2023 6:22AM

Juneteenth paid holiday approved for employees of Gwinnett County

By Kimberly Sizemore Anchor/Reporter

Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners voted on behalf of employees at their Tuesday meeting, voting on several key issues affecting personnel. Not only did the board approve a pay raise for county employees, but they also added a new paid holiday to the calendar and approved paid parental leave.

Gwinnett Commissioners voted to approve an 8 percent pay adjustment for county employees. First responders will be getting an additional two percent raise. First responders in police, fire, emergency services, Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Solicitor’s Office, Corrections, and Emergency 911 will be getting a 10 percent pay raise.

This adjustment will raise the minimum hourly rate for all positions in Gwinnett County Government to $15/hr.

According to a release from the commissioners, the board decided to make the decisions based on a desire to remain competitive in a challenging labor market. “A primary objective for the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is to be the public sector employer of choice, which requires providing wages and benefits that will attract, recruit and retain quality employees. The Board on Tuesday approved measures to meet that objective and to stay competitive in a challenging environment impacted by the national labor shortage.”

The Board also agreed to follow the federal and state governments in making Juneteenth an official County holiday, commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

This will be an additional paid holiday for employees and will not take the place of any other holiday. The Board says this was done, “in the spirit of honoring the vibrant diversity of our community.”

Another decision made on behalf of employees was paid parental leave for any family who welcomes a child into their home, whether by birth, adoption or foster care. Now effective, parents can take up to four weeks of paid leave, as well as access to family planning benefits rolled out earlier this year. In the county’s statement, “The new family planning services range from conception, fertility assistance, prenatal nutrition and post-partum to surrogacy, adoption and return-to-work support.”

“We recognize our employees’ hard work, selfless sacrifices and determination in all they do,” said County Administrator Glenn Stephens. “It is both our duty and an honor to invest in their families, finances and overall well-being to ensure they receive the support they need to deliver high-quality, essential services to the residents of Gwinnett County every day.”

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