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Ronnie Johnson takes Boyd's Speedway Late Model win

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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Ronnie Johnson scored a home track Late Model victory to wrap up the 2022 regular season at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia on Friday night.

The veteran Chattanooga, Tennessee driver won the 25-lap feature from the pole at the 3/8-mile clay raceway situated on the Georgia/Tennessee state line.

Justin Cameron followed Johnson across the finish line to finish in second, with Robby Mason in third, Tod Hernandez in fourth, and Tate McCollum in fifth.

Ray Cook. Justin Owens, Jamie Pritchett, Clayton Cooper, and Jason Trammell rounded out the top 10.

In other action, Spencer Singleton took the win in the 602 Sportsman feature, with Jake Green in second, Hayden Swaney in third, Dylan Perry in fourth, and Booger Brooks in fifth.

Jason Brown was the winner in the B-Hobby feature, with Pete Roberts in second, Brandon Francis in third, Brian Hamby in fourth, and Daniel Lankford in fifth.

Jeff Smith topped the 604 Crate field to take the feature win, with Tim Clark, Mitchell Stanley, Ethan Hunter, and Luther Jenkins rounding out the top five.

Tim Morgan was first under the checkered flag to win the Beginner feature, with Gary Cain second, Butch Anderson third, Brodie Thompson fourth, and Julia Higgins fifth.

Jacob Sharp edged out Josh Scealf to win the Front Wheel drive feature. Robert Gravitt followed in third, with Justin McClain in fourth, and Jack Gresham in fifth.

Though the regular season is over, Boyd’s Speedway still has racing action scheduled for Saturday, November 19, as the track will host the Valvoline Iron Man Series. For more information, visit BoydsSpeedway.com.

Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
Race Results – October 28, 2022

Late Models
1. 5-Ronnie Johnson
2. 17J-Justin Cameron
3. H31-Robby Mason
4. T6-Tod Hernandez
5. 01-Tate McCollum
6. 85-Ray Cook
7. 26-Justin Owens
8. 9-Jamie Pritchett
9. 31-Clayton Cooper
10. 90J-Jason Trammell
11. 17-Trea Miller
12. 7-Jason Deal
13. 16C-Chad Alley
14. 18-Casey Turman
15. 38-Danny Turner
16. 222-Rusty Hatfield
DNS: 32-Lamar Scoggins

602 Sportsman
1. 30-Spencer Singleton
2. 41-Jake Green
3. 52-Hayden Swaney
4. P7-Dylan Perry
5. 18-Booger Brooks
6. 44-Bobby Elkins
7. 9-Spencer Cranfield
8. 12-Jeremy Broome
9. 44J-Elliott Johnson
10. 102-Reed Hatchett
11. 10-Dylan Armstrong
12. R1-Drew Hickman
13. 21-Nick May
14. 98-Jackie Waits
15. 16-Wade Chandler
16. 14B-Cade Brookshire
17. 14-Ralph Langston
18. 73-C.B. McKinnon
19. J1-Justin Winters
20. 20B-Brad Cross

1. 42-Jason Brown
2. 14-Pete Roberts
3. 8-Brandon Francis
4. 32-Brian Hamby
5. 1-Daniel Lankford
DNS: 19-Jim Gilbert

604 Crate
1. 17-Jeff Smith
2. 22T-Tim Clark
3. 1-Mitchell Stanley
4. 17J-Ethan Hunter
5. 45-Luther Jenkins
6. 00-A.J. Carlisi
7. 89-Vaughn Casey
8. 32-William Blankenship
9. 52-Jason Davis
10. 87Z-Zane Littleton
11. 118-Kane Newby
12. 48-Taylor Cole
13. 1P-Andy Picklesimer
14. 20-Brad Dyer
15. 4-Jody Hixson
16. 629-Landon Gentry
DNS: 42-Johnny Gulizia
DNS: 84-Austin Smith

1. 71-Tim Morgan
2. C7-Gary Cain
3. 92-Butch Anderson
4. T9-Brodie Thompson
5. 20H-Julia Higgins
6. C11-Chris Wood

Front Wheel Drive
1. 1-Jacob Sharp
2. S7-Josh Scealf
3. 28-Robert Gravitt
4. 46-Justin McClain
5. 6-Jack Gresham
6. 6A-Austin Kinsey
7. 7-Zane May
8. 7M-Mike Stork
9. 23D-Patrick Duffey
10. S6-Billy Bailey
11. 84-Donnie Lowe
12. 23-Austin Maples
13. 13M-Virgil Meyer
14. X113-Dacoda Brady
15. R13-Zachery Roderick
DNS: 32-James Drummond
DNS: 13X-Randy Lavender
DNS: 22-David Shook

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