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Carrick captures Monday Chili Bowl qualifying victory

By Bryan Hulbert
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TULSA, Okla. - Tanner Carrick opened up the Chili Bowl Nationals on Monday night by landing his first career victory at Oklahoma’s Tulsa Expo Raceway.

The Lincoln, California native wheeled the Keith Kunz Motorsports-Curb-Agajanian No. 98 to the front of the field on lap 22 and held on to top Monday’s Cummins Qualifying Night A-Feature.

Locking into his first Saturday night A-Feature, the win is No. 30 atop the Tulsa Expo Raceway for car owner Keith Kunz.

Riding third the opening 20 laps, the race for the lead to that point was between Mitchel Moles and Jerry Coons, Jr. Exchanging the lead three times, Moles finally got the advantage on Coons following a restart on lap 19.

Moles looked to have the race in hand before a misstep on the cushion through the fourth turn sent his car tumbling down the front straightaway on lap 21.

Carrick moved to the point, and held the lead for the final eight laps en route to the win by 1.225-seconds.

The victory was slightly soured when Carrick flipped following the checkered flag.

“I went through the finish line and when I went to use the brake pedal, there were no brakes,” said Carrick. “By that time it was too late and I plugged it into the fence.”

Tyler Courtney crossed second to lock into his sixth championship A-Feature in as many years. Chase Johnson finished in third, with David Gravel in fourth and Nick Hoffman in fifth.

Cannon McIntosh, Gary Taylor, Gavan Boschele, NASCAR Cup Series driver Alex Bowman and Trey Marcham rounded out the top 10.

Monday night also included the Vacuworx Invitational Race of Champions, which saw a near photo finish between Justin Grant edging out NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Larson by 0.280-seconds. Christopher Bell finished in third, with Tanner Thorson in fourth and Blake Hahn in fifth.

Racing continues Tuesday, January 11 with Warren CAT Qualifying Night. For more information, visit at

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals
Tulsa Expo Raceway – Tulsa, OK
Cummins Qualifying Night – January 10, 2022

1. 98-Tanner Carrick*
2. 7C-Tyler Courtney*
3. 87-Chase Johnson
4. 1D-David Gravel
5. 2H-Nick Hoffman
6. 08-Cannon McIntosh
7. 32-Gary Taylor
8. 5G-Gavan Boschele
9. 55X-Alex Bowman
10. 32T-Trey Marcham
11. 5-Chase Briscoe
12. 8-Alex Sewell
13. 22M-Carson Kvapil
14. 81G-Anton Hernandez
15. 97X-Jesse Love
16. 15E-Kinzer Edwards
17. 22-Sean McClelland
18. 80-Josh Hawkins
19. 45K-Kyler Johnson
20. 07W-Mitchel Moles-DNF
21. 85-Jerry Coons, Jr.-DNF
22. 28K-Kory Schudy-DNF
23. 7MR-Jadon Rogers-DNF
24. 61J-Jacob Denney-DNF

*Top two finishers lock into Saturday night’s A-Feature

1. 2J-Justin Grant
2. 01-Kyle Larson
3. 71W-Christopher Bell
4. 19T-Tanner Thorson
5. 52-Blake Hahn
6. 97-Rico Abreu
7. 7C-Tyler Courtney
8. 1S-Spencer Bayston
9. 9E-Chase Elliott
10. 01K-Bryant Wiedeman
11. 1R-Brad Sweet
12. 9T-Tim McCreadie
13. 21-Daryn Pittman
14. 21H-Brady Bacon
15. 1-Sammy Swindell
16. 39-Logan Seavey-DNF
17. 08-Cannon McIntosh-DNF
18. 67-Michael Kofoid-DNF

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