Wednesday October 27th, 2021 7:51PM

Hall County School District fights Tik Tok challenges on campuses

By Haley Bartoletta Reporter

Some of Hall County school's restrooms have been vandalized as part of a popular Tik Tok challenge, and School District Superintendent Will Schofield is warning students and their parents about the consequences if they take part in these challenges. 

The Tik Tok trend encourages students to film themselves destroying school property, specifically in school restrooms. 

Schofield says the vandalism includes spraying painting bathroom facilities, stealing toilets and even wrecking plumbing inside the restrooms. 

"Unfortunately what that's resulted in is a number of students that thought they were doing something funny now having criminal records," said Schofield. 

Schofield said bathrooms at several Hall County campuses have been damaged as a result of students participating in the social media challenge. 

Schofield said he also is concerned about the talk of a new Tik Tok challenge that involves slapping a teacher on the backside. Schofield said this qualifies as sexual assault and anyone who participates will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

"I hope you will work with your children and tell them in spite of what the internet and social media may tell them, that walking up to any individual, male or female, and slapping them on their backside is not an appropriate joke," said Schofield. 

Schofield asks that parents and guardians support the district by talking with their children about the lasting legal repercussions of engaging in these criminal activities. 

Schofield made his comments in a video released Wednesday afternoon. 

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Hall County School District fights Tik Tok challenge encouraging school vandalism
Some Hall County school's restrooms have been vandalized as part of a popular Tik Tok challenge and School District Superintendent warns students and their parents about the consequences if they take part in these challenges.
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