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The Fast Lane: Hot weather threats for motorcyclists

By Caleb Hutchins I Video by: Lauren Hunter

The summer months are the most popular time of the year for motorcycle riding.

However, those same months provide hot weather that can pose a threat to motorcyclists.

Kayla Peeples, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Georgia Department of Driver Services, says heat exhaustion and even heat stroke can lead to crashes. She said that contributes to summer being the peak of motorcycle fatalities in the state.

"The things to look for are getting fatigued, dizzy, fainting, nausea," Peeples said. "The normal body temperature is around 98.6 degrees and when you start getting between 101 and 104, that's when you're going into heat exhaustion and heat stroke territory."

Peeples said some drivers think the best way to avoid overheating on the road is to wear less gear, but she said that can actually be counter-productive.

"The higher temperature, I'm going to stay cool if I don't have a jacket on, if I'm not wearing gloves or maybe if I'm not wearing a helmet," Peeples said. "What we want riders to know is that you need to pick gear for the weather. You want something that's ventilated so that you can have that air coming through and that allows you to sweat but not overheat at the same time."

If a driver feels that they're overheating on the road, Peeples said they should pull over as soon as possible, find a shaded area and hydrate.

Summer also brings more rain, which can also make things more dangerous for motorcycles.

"Slow down and slow down in curves and also in your braking," Peeples said. "The roads are slippery and you're also dealing with traction in your tires."

Anyone interested in more safety tips from the Department of Driver Services, or motorcycle training courses, can visit the department's website.


To hear more from Kayla Peeples on hot weather motorcycle safety, click play on the video above.

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The Fast Lane: Hot weather threats for motorcyclists
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