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Four drivers get USCS Speedweek holiday weekend wins

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The Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for the USCS Sprint Car Series, as drivers competed in four events at four different venues in three states over the course of four nights.

The USCS Sprint Speeweek kicked off on Friday night at Mississippi’s Greenville Speedway, where Jordon Mallett sped to the victory over Blake Jenkins to score the feature win.

Dale Howard followed in third, with Terry Gray in fourth and Marshall Skinner in fifth.

On Saturday night, the tour moved to Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Arkansas. Cody Gardner beat out Howard Moore to take home top honors, with Mark Smith in third, Howard in fourth and Skinner in fifth.

Sunday night saw the series heading to Old No. 1 Speedway in Harrisburg, Arkansas, where Howard Moore took home top honors with the victory. Carson Short, Howard, Gardner and Mallett rounded out the top five.

The fourth round of Speedweek action came at Tennessee’s Lexington 104 Speedway, with Dale Howard holding off Howard Moore for the win. Mark Smith followed in third, with Terry Gray in fourth and Jordon Mallett in fifth.

USCS Sprint Car Series Speedweek continues on Thursday, June 3 at North Alabama Speedway – Tuscumbia, Alabama, then wraps up on Friday, June 4 at Mississippi’s Hattiesburg Speedway.

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USCS Sprint Car Series
Greenville Speedway – Greenville, MS
USCS Sprint Speedweek – May 28, 2021

1. 14-Jordon Mallett
2. 99-Blake Jenkins
3. 47-Dale Howard
4. 10-Terry Gray
5. 26-Marshall Skinner
6. 42P-Preston Perlmutter
7. 44-Ronny Howard
8. 23-Ethan Jones
9. 7E-Eric Gunderson
10. 19-Jason Long
11. 67-Hayden Martin-DNF
12. 4-Danny Smith-DNF
13. 10M-Morgan Turpen-DNF
14. 2H-Tommy Hall-DNF
15. 28-Jeff Willingham-DNF
16. 8X-Tony Higgins-DNF
17. 12M-Greg Merritt-DNF
18. 27-Austin Wood-DNF
19. 10K-Dewayne White-DNF
20. M1-Mark Smith-DNF
21. 13-Chase Howard-DNF
22. 29-Kyle Amerson-DNF

USCS Sprint Car Series
Riverside International Speedway – West Memphis, AR
USCS Sprint Speedweek – May 29, 2021

1. G6-Cody Gardner
2. 3-Howard Moore
3. M1-Mark Smith
4. 47-Dale Howard
5. 26-Marshall Skinner
6. 14-Jordon Mallett
7. 10-Terry Gray
8. 6-Dustin Gates
9. 4S-Carson Short
10. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth
11. 99-Blake Jenkins
12. 27-Austin Wood
13. 4-Danny Smith
14. 7E-Eric Gunderson
15. 44-Ronny Howard
16. 28-Jeff Willingham
17. 24-Jeffrey West, Jr.
18. 91-Zach Pringle
19. 29-Kyle Amerson
20. 46-Jan Howard
21. 10K-Dewayne White
22. 13-Chase Howard
23. 74-Tucker Boulton

USCS Sprint Car Series
Old No 1 Speedway – Harrisburg, AR
USCS Sprint Speedweek – May 30, 2021

1. 3-Howard Moore
2. 4S-Carson Short
3. 47-Dale Howard
4. G6-Cody Gardner
5. 14-Jordon Mallett
6. M1-Mark Smith
7. 26-Marshall Skinner
8. 29-Kyle Amerson
9. 10-Terry Gray
10. 27-Austin Wood
11. 24-Jeffrey West, Jr.
12. 10K-Dewayne White
13. 4-Danny Smith
14. 91-Zach Pringle
15. 13-Chase Howard
16. 12M-Greg Merritt
17. 88-B.J. Gatewood
18. 23P-Hunter Poe
19. 44-Ronny Howard
20. 7E-Eric Gunderson
21. 28-Jeff Willingham
22. 27T-Curt Terrell
23. 99-Blake Jenkins

USCS Sprint Car Series
Lexington 104 Speedway – Lexington, TN
USCS Sprint Speedweek – May 31, 2021

1. 47-Dale Howard
2. 3-Howard Moore
3. M1-Mark Smith
4. 10-Terry Gray
5. 14-Jordon Mallett
6. 26-Marshall Skinner
7. 9JR-Derek Hagar
8. 74-Tucker Boulton
9. 4-Danny Smith
10. 7E-Eric Gunderson
11. 12M-Greg Merritt
12. 7-Caleb Thompson
13. 13-Chase Howard-DNF
14. 10K-Dewayne White-DNF
15. 29-Kyle Amerson-DNF
16. 24-Jeffrey West, Jr.-DNF
17. 44-Ronny Howard-DNF
18. 21-Spencer Meredith-DNF
19. 28-Jeff Willingham-DNF
20. 88-Trent Moss-DNF
21. 21L-Darrell Lovett-DNF
22. 95-Asa Swindell-DNF
DNS: 4S-Carson Short
DNS: 27-Austin Wood

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