Friday July 30th, 2021 6:57PM

My honor to serve as Miss Greater Atlanta

By Lauren Hunter Multimedia Journalist

There are four points to the Miss Georgia crown, each representing a different facet of the organization. These four points are scholarship, service, style and success.

It is not uncommon to be asked by one of the judges in a pageant interview which of the four points I believe are the most important. I personally believe that each of the four points are equally important, because they balance the organization like the four points of the actual crown balance on the titleholder’s head.

However, I want to take a moment to highlight one of the four points specifically, service, and how it has played a significant role during my reign as Miss Greater Atlanta.

I have already explained in a previous post my love for animals and how I chose my Social Impact Initiative. One of the ways that I regularly promote my SII is by visiting the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia once a week and filming a “PUPdate”.

These videos feature an adoptable rescue at HSNEGA and highlight that rescue for between two and three minutes. I tell viewers about the rescue, describe their personality and breed, then tell potential adopters how they can adopt them. They have, so far, been very well received.

My time serving as Miss Greater Atlanta has been one of the greatest honors of my life. While I have not had the title long, I am thankful for the opportunity it has given me to get involved with local organizations and promote an issue that I am passionate about.

The service component of the Miss Georgia and Miss America organizations is what sets these competitions apart from others and what drew me to them in the first place. If I am going to wear a banner with the name of a town, city or community, it is only natural that I represent them to the best of my ability. What better way to represent the community than pouring back into it?

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