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Stenhouse, Jr. sweeps USCS Sprints at Talladega Short Track

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. put his open wheel Sprint Car talents to good use on the two nights prior to Sunday’s Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway.

The Olive Branch, Mississippi native swept the USCS Silver Shootout weekend by winning on Friday and Saturday night at Talladega Short Track in Eastaboga, Alabama.

On Friday night, Stenhouse edged out Dewayne White to take the victory. Dale Howard followed in third, with former NASCAR Cup Series champion Tony Stewart in fourth and Kyle Amerson in fifth.

Howard Moore, Justin Barger, Danny Smith, Morgan Turpen and Chase Howard rounded out the top 10.

On Saturday night, Stenhouse jumped out to an early lead and went on to score the win. Dale Howard finished second, followed by Kyle Amerson in third, Danny Smith in fourth and Morgan Turpen in fifth.

Dewayne White, Terry Gray, Ronny Howard, Jeff Willingham and Dennis Misuraca rounded out the top 10.

The USCS Sprint Car Series is next slated to travel to I-75 Speedway in Sweetwater, Tennessee on April 30-May 1. For more information, visit USCSRacing.com.

USCS Sprint Car Series
Talladega Short Track – Eastaboga, AL
USCS Silver Shootout – April 23, 2021

1. 17JR-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
2. 10K-Dewayne White
3. 47-Dale Howard
4. 14-Tony Stewart
5. 29-Kyle Amerson
6. 3-Howard Moore
7. 5-Justin Barger
8. 4-Danny Smith
9. 10M-Morgan Turpen
10. 13-Chase Howard
11. 10-Terry Gray
12. 47R-Eric Riggins, Jr.
13. 3M-Dennis Misuraca
14. 24-Jeffrey West, Jr.
15. 33-Joe Larkin
16. 5C-Hayden Campbell
17. 15-Danny Burke-DNF
18. 7E-Eric Gunderson-DNF
19. 44-Ronny Howard-DNF
20. 28-Jeff Willingham-DNF
DNS: 12M-Greg Merritt

USCS Sprint Car Series
Talladega Short Track – Eastaboga, AL
USCS Silver Shootout – April 24, 2021

1. 17JR-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
2. 47-Dale Howard
3. 29-Kyle Amerson
4. 4-Danny Smith
5. 10M-Morgan Turpen
6. 10K-Dewayne White
7. 10-Terry Gray
8. 44-Ronny Howard
9. 28-Jeff Willingham
10. 3M-Dennis Misuraca
11. 33-Joe Larkin
12. 47R-Eric Riggins, Jr.-DNF
13. 7E-Eric Gunderson-DNF
14. 12M-Greg Merritt-DNF
15. 13-Chase Howard-DNF
DNS: 3-Howard Moore
DNS: 5-Justin Barger
DNS: 15-Danny Burke

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