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John Ownbey scores Boyd’s Late Model feature victory

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John Ownbey drove to the Late Model victory on Friday night at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia.

The Cleveland, Tennessee racer held off Lamar Scoggins to take the victory at the 3/8-mile clay raceway.

Todd Hernandez finished in third, with Jadon Frame in fourth and Addison Cardwell in fifth.

In other action, Booger Brooks took home top honors in the Crate 604 feature. Rusty Ballenger followed in second, with Logan Palmer in third, Trevor Sise in fourth and Colton Profitt in fifth.

Matt Steward topped the Sportsman 602 field to take home the victory, with Sawyer Tinker, Zach Sise, Jermey Broome and Dylan Perry rounding out the top five.

Eric Hughes recorded the win in the B-Hobby feature. Cody Moffett finished second, with Chris Williams third and Lamar Hughes fourth.

Jeb Merriman was the winner in the Beginner feature, with Kelby Norwood in second, Cody Newton in third, Lex Cromer in fourth and Tyler Jolley in fifth.

Dustin Duncan scored the victory in the Front Wheel Drive feature. Billy Bailey finished in second, with James Drummond in third, Anthony Singleton in fourth and Tyler Walton in fifth.

Boyd’s Speedway is schedule to return to action on Friday, April 2. For more information, visit

Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
Race Results – March 26, 2021

Late Models
1. John Ownbey
2. Lamar Scoggins
3. Todd Hernandez
4. Jadon Frame
5. Addison Cardwell
6. Oreo Thomas
7. Andrew Littleton
8. Dewayne Powell
9. Chuck Christopher
10. Tom Watson
11. Randy Weaver
12. Josh Walker
DNS: Robby Mason

Crate 604
1. Booger Brooks
2. Rusty Ballenger
3. Logan Palmer
4. Trevor Sise
5. Colton Profitt
6. Jesse Lowe
7. Heath Hindman
8. Ethan Hunter
9. Kasey Hall
10. Lucas Ruark
11. Gwynn Newby
12. Landon Gentry
13. Tim Clark
14. Clayton Cooper
15. Jason Layne `
16. Chuck Lynch
17. Taylor Ruth
DNS: Jamie Perry
DNS: Bryan Pritchard

Sportsman 602
1. Matt Steward
2. Sawyer Tinker
3. Zach Sise
4. Jermey Broome
5. Dylan Perry
6. James Burkhart
7. Cade Brookshire
8. Michael Courtney
9. Cory Bettis
10. Jay Cromer
11. Carden Cochran
12. Adam Mitchell
13. Tyler Harrison
14. Dillion Peterman
15. Austin Breedlove
16. Dylan Cole
17. David Singleton
18. Tim Bounds
19. Robby Hixon
20. Jake Raines
DNS: Griffin Alexander
DNS: Eli Beets
DNS: Carson Ruark

1. Eric Hughes
2. Cody Moffett
3. Chris Willams
4. Lamar Hughes

1. Jeb Merriman
2. Kelby Norwood
3. Cody Newton
4. Lex Cromer
5. Tyler Jolley
6. Charles Dettmar
7. Jordan Sims
8. Danielle Loner
9. Zane Littleton
10. Nick Mcconathy
11. Joel Gordon
DQ: Colton Berrong

1. Dustin Duncan
2. Billy Bailey
3. James Drummond
4. Anthony Singleton
5. Tyler Walton
6. Billy Long
7. Jacob Sharp
8. Mitch Brady
9. Shaun Harper
10. Zachery Roderick
11. Dakota Brady
12. Dakota Leffew
13. Jack Gresham
14. James Owen
15. Johnathon Evans
16. Lucas Leffew
17. Josh Davis
18. Amy Williams
DNS: Brandon Crawford
DNS: James Shelton

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