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Speak their Ruv Language

By Alyson Shields Reporter

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, but what will you be doing for the one you *really* love the most? That’s right, I’m talking about our faithful companions, the dog. (And maybe the cat.)

I like to treat my pets when I can, but that can be a pricey present. Have you seen some of the prices at the pet store!? They’re not exorbitant but enough for me to put down the tiny dog hoodie and ask myself if Smidge really needs another jacket.

I recently spoke with Kim Gaebelein, Marketing Director with Bil-Jac. You may recognize Bil-Jac with it’s bright purple packaging, some refrigerated pet foods, or those perfectly tiny training treats. Smidge goes nuts for those training treats.

Gaebelein had some ideas to speak your pet’s ruv language in some beneficial ways, such as going to the pet store together to get food or a toy, or getting your pet a professional groom or nail trim.

“What they value the most from us is our time,” said Gaebelein. “So spending some time with them in a special way could be fun, like maybe there’s been a hike that you’ve been wanting to take or someplace in the outdoors you’ve been wanting to visit together.”
Graebelein also suggested going to a playdate with the pet of a friend or family member. “Or, if you have a friend who is great with their iPhone or their phone that they have, they could take some pictures of you and have a photo session, maybe in the park, some place different than the house even, or just the backyard.”

Since many of us associate loving our pup with filling their tummies, Gaebelein encouraged pet owners to remember that food is food, to feed appropriately, and to look for quality in your treats and daily food.

“Definitely look for protein, that should be your number one ingredient,” she said. “So you should be looking for chicken or beef as that number one ingredient because protein is the most important thing they get out of that food to get the amino acids out of there.”

So as you celebrate the ones you love Sunday, consider forgoing a traditional Valentine for your pet for a little extra care, whether it’s a nail trim to a tasty meal.

For some more ideas on treating your dog to a healthy Valentine’s Day, check out the full interview with Kim Gaebelein.


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