Thursday January 20th, 2022 2:25PM

LISTEN: Bud Hughes shares his Christmas song

By Mornings on Maine Street

Bud Hughes of Bud's Garage took time to visit Maine Street to share his Christmas song "He is Born." He even invited Bill to play keyboard!

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LISTEN: Bud Hughes shares his Christmas song
Bud Hughes of Bud's Garage took time to visit Maine Street to share his Christmas song "He is Born." He even invited Bill to play keyboard!
9:31AM ( 5 minutes ago )
LISTEN: Harris Blackwood with an anchorman's Christmas story
Harris Blackwood visited Maine Street to share a Christmas story of a simpler time and a great remembrance of broadcast days gone by.
9:20AM ( 16 minutes ago )
LISTEN: Story teller Rosann Kent shares a wildlife Christmas
Rosann Kent Director of Appalachian Studies at the Historic Vickery House through the University of North Georgia shares a tale of a wildlife Christmas.
9:18AM ( 18 minutes ago )
WDUN Show Clips
LISTEN: Andrew McDiarmid of the Discovery Institute on parental involvement in their child's education
Andrew McDiarmid, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, talks about the pushback some parents receive when they try to become more involved in what their children are learning at school. McDiarmid offers parents tips on how to navigate the opinion put out by some critics that "parents who aren't qualified to teach should keep their noses out of school curricula."
11:20AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Fern Shumer Chapman offers tips for reconnecting with estranged family members
Families don't always get along as we would like. Fern Shumer Chapman knows first-hand as she was estranged from her brother for many years. In her book "Brothers, Sisters, Strangers: Sibling Estrangement and the Road to Reconciliation," she offers help in reconnecting with estranged family members.
11:14AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Alex Baber co-founder of Cold Case Consultants of America
Alex Baber co-founded Cold Case Consultants of America with is wife, herself a victim of an abduction that remains unsolved. Using a database of hundreds of letters from serial killers to try to discover new evidence to solve cases that went cold years ago.
11:07AM ( 1 week ago )
WDUN Morning Show
Mashing things up with Hallmark
Team ups work well for super heroes in the comic books, why wouldn't they work for Hallmark?
5:30PM ( 1 day ago )
Pets a lifelong commitment, not just Christmas present
The thought of the family waking up on Christmas morning to a puppy or kitten sitting under the tree makes a pretty picture.
5:00PM ( 1 day ago )
The elf not on my shelf
He’s an elf coming to make sure kids do good things, while meanwhile only doing bad things himself. So confusing.
10:00AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Local veterinarian talks holiday pet safety
When it comes to celebrating the holidays, it's natural for many to want to include their pets in the festivities.
7:00PM ( 1 week ago )
The Season of Yes
I tell my kids “no” a lot. Christmas is the time of year when I say “YES” a lot.
8:48PM ( 2 weeks ago )