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Smith, Howard win in USCS season finale at Milton

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Mark Smith and Matthew Howard closed out the 2021 USCS Sprint Car Series season by scoring victories over the weekend at Southern Raceway in Milton, Florida.

Smith topped the field for the win on Friday night, while Howard took the season finale on Saturday night at the 3/8-mile dirt track.

On Friday night, Smith worked his way up from a sixth place starting spot to take the lead on lap 20. From there, Smith went on to collect his seventh series victory of the season.

Michael Miller finished in second, with Nick Snyder in third, Corbin Gurley in fourth, and Conner Morrell in fifth.

Earlier in the night, Snyder, Hayden Martin and Smith won their respective heat races, with Miller winning the speed dash.

On Saturday night, Matthew Howard charged from the third starting spot to take the victory in the 40-lap season finale.

Mark Smith, Hayden Martin, Michael Miller and Corbin Gurley rounded out the top five.

Earlier in the night, Howard, Kyle Amerson, and Miller won their respective heat races, while Hayden Martin won the speed dash.

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USCS Sprint Car Series
Southern Raceway – Milton, FL
Race Results – November 12, 2021

1. M1-Mark Smith
2. 4M-Michael Miller
3. 116-Nick Snyder
4. 12-Corbin Gurley
5. 28M-Conner Morrell
6. 95H-Matthew Howard
7. 67M-Hayden Martin
8. 7E-Eric Gunderson
9. 13-Chase Howard
10. 44-Ronny Howard
11. 197-Ryan Harrison
12. 33-Joe Larkin
13. 83-Bob Auld
14. 4-Danny Smith-DNF
15. 77-Jeff Smith-DNF
16. 67-Brian Thomas-DNF
17. 43-Terry Witherspoon-DNF
18. 9-C.J. Miller-DNF
19. 13F-Todd Fayard-DNF
20. 99-Tanner Witherspoon-DNF
21. 28-Jeff Willingham-DNF
22. 10-Terry Gray-DNF
DNS: 88-Brandon Blenden

USCS Sprint Car Series
Southern Raceway – Milton, FL
Race Results – November 13, 2021

1. 95H-Matthew Howard
2. M1-Mark Smith
3. 67M-Hayden Martin
4. 4M-Michael Miller
5. 12-Corbin Gurley
6. 4-Danny Smith
7. 116-Nick Snyder
8. 29-Kyle Amerson
9. 44-Ronny Howard
10. 28M-Conner Morrell
11. 13F-Todd Fayard
12. 33-Joe Larkin
13. 77-Jeff Smith
14. 7E-Eric Gunderson-DNF
15. 99-Tanner Witherspoon-DNF
16. 13-Chase Howard-DNF
17. 88-Brandon Blenden-DNF
18. 197-Ryan Harrison-DNF
19. 83-Bob Auld-DNF
20. 67-Brian Thomas-DNF
21. 9-C.J. Miller-DNF
22. 28-Jeff Willingham-DNF
23. 10-Terry Gray-DNF
24. 43-Terry Witherspoon-DNF
25. C5-Scott Craft-DNF

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