Tuesday December 1st, 2020 3:00AM

Gwinnett County Public Schools focus on educational equity

By Tara Brolley Anchor/Reporter

As Gwinnett County Public Schools prepare to begin the transition from virtual learning to in-person learning, school officials are focusing on continuing work and commitment to educational equity.

According to an email statement, 6 teams will meet to identify current procedures and to propose improvements to support educational equity.

Tommy Welch, the district’s Chief Equity Officer, plans to share the list of team members taking part at the August School Board meeting and will update the members of the Gwinnett County Board of Education on the work of the teams.

“Equity is not a program nor an initiative,” Welch said. “It is an essential part of the fabric of this organization.”

School began virtually for Gwinnet County Public Schools on August 12 and students will begin the transition to in-person learning on August 26.

Gwinnett's Educational Equity Policy:

The Gwinnett County Board of Education is committed to educating all students and to providing the resources needed to support high-quality teaching and learning. The district’s focus on increasing student achievement, access and opportunities through the implementation of equitable and inclusive educational and workplace policies and practices reduces barriers and builds the district’s capacity to deliver innovative, effective, and culturally relevant services.

The Board of Education authorizes the CEO/Superintendent and his or her designee to design or redesign systemic programs and initiatives to address and reduce educational inequity, providing students and staff with targeted supports and enrichment that increase opportunities to succeed.

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